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Readers Respond: Is Sex Before Marriage Wrong?

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It is haram in Islam

Having sex before marriage is totally haram. It is out of law. It is some kind of disobeying of your religion and going against Allah.
—Guest saniya

I guess it's wrong

I'm not a very experienced religious individual, but hey, of you are unsure of whether or not you should get married first then why take the risk? What if you fornicate and forever pay the consequences in this life and the next...kind of a scary thought right? Especially if you believe in heaven or hell...so I say enjoy your partner guilt free. Get married, and stay classy :)
—Guest Ali Abbasi

It's sooo wrong!

Sex out of marriage is terribly wrong. God's word makes this clear. Why do we question his will and disappoint him so regularly. He sent his only beloved Son here to Earth to die in our place and still we turn against Him.
—Guest umm..

It depends

I'm doing it with the man I love but we are not married, and we are both Christian. I have experience. Any problem?
—Guest lali

sex before marriage is ok

I'm 18 and a Pentecostal Christian. But I personally do think people don't have to wait until they are married to have sex. As long as you are committed to your boyfriend or girlfriend, you could have sex with him or her. Even in Biblical times, not everyone waited until they were married. All I say is be careful who you hook up with because people do make mistakes marrying the person, too.
—Guest mandi

Really bad

So surprised and baffled at the way young teens talk about having sex before marriage. My own view is it's wrong before God and man. It is only that people who don't know their worth that to them it's nothing. Don't eat your tomorrow in your today please.
—Guest able


Having sex before marriage is prohibited in Islam. Nobody is permitted to have sex with a woman before marriage even if the two love each other. It must be done accurately whereby the woman's value can be exposed and their children will not be born and grow the worst boys which will cause too many problems for human beings.
—Guest Zee


Its OK everyone just enjoy it ............................................................................................................................................
—Guest GOD


It can be wrong however if you find that special person, who you love, then it's okay.
—Guest Anonymous


My boyfriend and I are both devoted Christians and we both have an understanding of the Lord's laws. Obey our Father God. Wait until marriage. To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace. Romans 7:6. Maybe those people you thought you waited for and loved weren't the right one for you. GOD doesn't make mistakes.
—Guest Guest Ashley


Sex outside of marriage is wrong. If you believe in God, then do His will by waiting for your life partner. What is it for you? Be patient in your sexual life when has died for you...

100% wrong

Sex before marriage is wrong, and our heavenly father wants us to be obedient, so as a believer why not follow the law? After having this pre-marital sex, you guilty of sin. You can not question God. He wants what's best for us.
—Guest simon kalasani

Sex before marriage

Sex before marriage is not wrong if you are having sex with the one you love and will marry.
—Guest Anonymous

Save Yourself from the Consequences

I'm old enough to let everyone know the consequences of sex without marriage. You may have many "relationships" or "friendships" that can last anywhere from a few months to years. You'll be attached to the person because of the sex, the time you've spent with them, the amount of energy or emotion expended, but there really is no commitment. It's essentially safe, so people think. But break-ups affect the mind and spirit as badly as divorce. Can you imagine having several relationships and breaking up several times? That's equivalent to several divorces that can and will cause spiritual and emotional damage, damage that you will never see or maybe feel, but it will affect how you act with others and how you live your life. Abortions, STDs, abusive situations, codependency, insecurity - all of these things happen when sex outside of marriage occurs. I'm a living witness. Don't destroy the body, mind and spirit God has given you just to do what you want. It's not worth it.

It's both good and bad.

To tell you the truth, sex was not meant for married people only. So, should a person burn with passion because you're not yet married? Biblically Adam the father of all had sex before marriage. It is bad when you have more than one partner. Which chapter says you should have sex after marriage only?
—Guest Sex before marriage good/bad?

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Is Sex Before Marriage Wrong?

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