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Readers Respond: Is Sex Before Marriage Wrong?

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It's a book not the law of the land

God destroyed Sodom and Gamorrah and saved Lot and his family. Then finding themselves without husbands Lot's daughters got their father drunk, slept with him got impregnated and gave birth. Gen.19:30 Theses are people God saved..So incest is permitted but not sex before marriage? Sex before marriage, in my book, is fine between consenting adults and when done with love. I cannot find a commandment that says sex before marriage is wrong. I cannot find a single passage spoken by Jesus or the Father that says sex before marriage is wrong. What I find is letters and writings from people who were not alive at the time of Christ who are educating the masses about the rights as they believed them. Those who translated the Bible -- monks, priests -- were celibate. This was their view to control the peasants. If you are in a strong relationship and love the person you are with, then "sex before marriage is a natural part of the loving process. It helps you to find compatibility with each other.
—Guest Guest Lapsedcatholic

Not good

Sex is an important aspect of everyone's life. One forgets about the sin and other damages while having sex. But everyone repents after doing it because the thing we enjoy the most in our life hurts our feelings the most later. In my opinion, we are human beings, and we are not complete, anybody can make such mistakes! People who did not have sex before are good and lucky. Better we should think before taking any step instead of worrying/repenting later. People who did it before marriage can't vanish their sin, but they can pray, "GOD FORGIVE US." If we pray from the core of our hearts and do not repeat the mistakes then ALLAH ALMIGHTY forgive us.
—Guest Sam


Sex before marriage is not wrong. It gave us important experience, so you can have sex before marriage in my opinion.
—Guest kishan j

pre-martial sex is definitely wrong

God knows what is good & bad for us more than we ourselves know. So if he has forbidden it, we should abide by his laws because he is the one who created us & will judge us at the end. And if we abide by his rules, he may award us during our temporary stay in this world but what I'm sure about is that he will award us during the eternal life in the other world.
—Guest Alex

Yes sex is wrong

When something causes bad things at the end of the road or even in the middle, then yes it's wrong. Sex before marriage causes a lot of bad things in every aspect of life, yet people still want to deny this fact. You don't want this life with pressure and diseases and discomfort. Live happily and purely and believe me you are not losing anything if you don't have sex, but you earn more time to be yourself and not what others want you to be.
—Guest A wise girl

Read Right

In Genesis, God tells Adam to have sex with his wife. But who exactly ordained this union in a 'marriage' sense? If your partner is your husband/wife in all but paper form, can't it be just as holy a union and an act? As for those who speak of fornicators, adulterers, and lusty sinners: the New Testament was written hundreds of years after Jesus dies by those who had heard of Christ's teachings. Not to mention both the Old Testament and New Testament were written in an ancient tongue and have been translated many times in the past thousand years since Christianity became a religion unto the world: wording is everything and you can't rely on someone else's interpretation and translation to make your decisions for you.
—Guest just

Not until you're older....like 25

I had sex before marriage and I did regret it. Self-esteem wise, it can be very damaging to a person if they are not ready to have sex and a lot of people out there do put pressure on others, i mean, even the media is constantly pushing sex onto everyone these days not just young people. Sex is special and should be enjoyed by a couple who are in love (gay or straight or whatever you want to be in my opinion) but if you do want casual sex then please be safe and smart about it. I do however, feel very strongly about teenagers as young as 13 having sex, a lot of them end up with children. I think that people should abstain from sex until they are older, wiser and have a clue about what they are doing. I do believe in God and was raised Catholic, but for all the religious people who know better, answer me this; even though I have had sex before marriage, will God forgive me if I change my ways, if I vow to never to do it again until I am married?

sex before mariage is sin

Whatever Gos has forbidden is wrong and is a sin to do it. It is clear from the scriptures that only sex in marriage is recommended by God. And what makes the two one is not sleeping, eating, living, or hugging each other but sexual intercourse. The two shall be one.
—Guest pr savior

should wait

I am a 27-year-old virgin, and I'm going to get married soon. I am so excited to have sex for the first time. Trust me, to be pure and loyal toward your partner is a great feeling.
—Guest aisha

Wait for it

I've had feelings for my best friend for a long time. She just recently told me that she engaged in the act with her ex while they were still dating. This news has torn me apart because I know what the Bible says about premarital sex, and (although it is wishful thinking) I had hoped to date and possibly marry this girl. She now has this scarlet letter on her shoulder, and I don't know what to do. Sex doesn't just affect you and your partner, it can hurt others close to you as evidenced by my case.
—Guest Hurting

it is wrong

Because [you] start having doubts about each other. Mostly boys, that the girl they loved is not right and the excitement of marriage ends. My partner never forced me to have sex.
—Guest guest

It's a personal thing

In the end, you're the only one living your own life, so you have to make the decisions for yourself. If you personally want to abstain and feel guilty about sex then that's great, don't do it for yourself. Just I hate when people force their own opinions about abstinence like they are the one and only right answer. But also you should never have sex if you feel like you're being pressured and don't really want to. If your significant other can't wait for you then he or she probably doesn't love you. Personally I have premarital sex, but that's because I want to and [I] feel comfortable doing it. Anyway, it's a personal decision and neither side is more right than the other.
—Guest Sammi

God forbid it

This is absolutely wrong and sinful. Whoever does that will miss out on the blessing of the wedding night? Also, God did instruct us not to have sex with anyone other than our spouse via the ten commandments. And it is good we obey God's commandments so as to have His blessing-Deut.28:1-3
—Guest Darfunk

worth the wait

I believe that in the bible [it says it] is right to have sex when your are married. I have heard that when you have sex at an early age, you will regret it afterward and won't feel clean like before. Screw those men or women who only want sex in their life. But one thing that they won't get is a blessing from God. God is watching everything you do, I believe that it is best to wait. If a person breaks up with you because of not having sex, then it's their problem and not yours. You stay pure and feel happy inside. Nowadays people make sex seem normal but apparently it isn't, it says so in the bible. It says that things are gonna get worse as years go by. Things like this, year's back weren't like this. So I think that it is best to wait and God will give you a blessing.
—Guest ash

It's Your Own Decision

Losing you virginity is something many teens and adults struggle with. Whether it has to do with your religion, stressing about unplanned pregnancy or health dysfunctions, or having your partner lose interest in you because there was no sex. I'm a 16-year-old girl. I know that many people probably think I don't know much. But I think that a large percentage of married couples who had premarital sex probably feel a lot of regret. Sex is a very special and powerful thing. It can mean a lot in a relationship. Even though there is a lot of temptation, I want to wait until I am married or at least engaged to have sex. It definitely makes your marriage and sex life a great deal better. But everyone makes her own choice. This is just my opinion. Thanks for reading :) cheers.
—Guest Katy
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