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Love in Bloom


April showers bring May flowers and lots of love into the hearts of newlyweds. Express your feelings by going on a season-themed date night. 

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Holidays with the In-Laws

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Passover has already begun and we're smack in the middle of Holy Week with Easter right around the corner on Sunday. So, lots of people are going to be spending time with their in-laws. It's an opportunity for bonding and an easing of tensions. Or it can be a time of stress and arguing. It's up to the people involved how the day goes. Here, we've offered some advice, so everyone survives and maybe has a little fun to boot:

Holidays and In-Laws - Ease the Tension

How to Get Along with Your In-Laws

When Your In-Laws Hate You

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Distance and the Heart

Tuesday April 15, 2014

My husband and I have had to live on different continents at various points in our marriage. But until yesterday, we had been together for our longest consecutive stretch ever - one and a half years. Now that he's gone again, I am contemplating distance and the heart. When you're together every day, you do tend to take each other - or at least the fact that you're in the same room in the same country - for granted. When you're apart in a long-distance marriage, you remember to treasure every glance, every hand held, every kiss, and all the rest. I guess what I'm saying is that it is true - at least for us - that distance makes the heart grow fonder. What about for the rest of you in long-distance marriages? Does distance make the heart grow fonder or just angrier?

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When the Trust Is Gone

Monday April 14, 2014

Trust is the crux of a good marriage. It makes you feel secure in a world that is anything but secure. Once trust is gone, it's tough to get it back. That's why I was intrigued to hear about how one couple is facing a breach of trust and an empty nest at the same time. When the wife turned to an ex-boyfriend after her daughters went off to college and she was left at home with hubby, who no longer seemed to have much in common with her, the marriage faced crisis. Her husband found out about her confiding in her ex and now the uphill battle to regain that sense of security is on. Find out what their chances are in "Empty Nest and Breach of Trust."

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6 Marriage Rules for the Digital Age

Thursday April 10, 2014

cell phone - Di Meglio

Cell phones and other technology threaten your relationship. Photo by Francesca Di Meglio

My husband is happy to play with his phone all day long. Seeing him lying on the couch with that thing on his hand has become the equivalent of nails on a blackboard for me. I have the urge to grab it from his hands and throw it out the window, especially when I'd prefer he play with our son, help me with some chores, or actually talk with the people sitting in front of him. But technology is part of our lives. In a few days, he's going to be returning to his native Italy, and my son and I won't be joining him for a couple of months. We're staying put in the United States. This means that technology will become our friend again. It will be our means of communicating and staying close despite the ocean between us. So goes my love-hate relationship with this digital age.

Other couples have their problems with technology, too. It's easy to let e-readers, laptops, phones, and other gadgets get the best of us. It's not fair to our spouses. So, I got in touch with April Masini, the relationship guru of AskApril.com, and turned her advice into rules for the digital age. Check it out and save your marriage from modernity.

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