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Readers Respond: Should Married Couples Have Roommates?

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Some married couples take in roommates to save money or help out friends and family. Some even think it is fun to live with other people, be it singles or other couples. But there are still others who feel that married people should live on their own, especially as newlyweds, so they can get used to one another and start their own family. What do you think? Should married couples have roommates? What Do You Think?


About two years ago, I moved across the country for work following an explosive divorce with nothing but $1,000 and the clothes on my back. I found a job, and really hit it off with an opposite-gender co-worker. She was going through a difficult time in her marriage, and we bonded over that, with me sympathizing and providing advice and experience. We slowly grew to be much more than co-workers, and are best friends to this day, even after I moved in with them about 8 months ago. Their relationship has never been better, and I couldn't be happier with getting to spend some of every day with my favorite people in the world. We shop, cook, and eat together, set up chore lists for one another, and just generally live in communal bliss. And no, we've never expressed any interest in one another romantically. Do we toy with the idea? Occasionally. We are human, after all. But in the end we all agree that we like things better the way they are. Just be honest with yourself and your partners.
—Guest TehLax

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Should Married Couples Have Roommates?

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