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Guide to Wedding Night Sex


Whether you have never had sex or have had it with each other a million times before you get married, you’ll want wedding night sex to sizzle. A little bit of planning and a whole lot of love will do the trick.  Your goal should be to woo each other with romantic gestures, genuine sentiment, and hot passion. This guide to your first time having sex as married people should help – 

Romance each other.

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Sex is nothing without romance, especially on a day as romantic as your wedding. You must do whatever it takes to infuse the night with romance (even if you start to feel as exhausted from a full day of celebrating). The wedding night, after all, is just for the two of you.

Express your love.

Find the perfect way to demonstrate how happy you are to have married your spouse. Hugs, kisses, or whispering sweet nothings might work. The key to finding the perfect expression of love, however, is knowing your lover. What actions send the message to him or her that you are in love?

Leave a love letter under your spouse’s pillow.

A handwritten note, especially in the age of e-mail and text messages, is heartfelt and meaningful. If you never write your spouse a love letter, you should do so on your wedding. Leaving such a note under your spouse’s pillow ahead of your passionate night together is thoughtful and perfectly timed.

Set the mood.

Preparation can make all the difference when it comes to wedding night sex. After the ceremony and festivities, you might be exhausted. But you can make sure there will be champagne on ice, rose petals on the floor and a few candles. Either take care of it yourself the morning of the wedding or ask someone you trust to do it for you. Make sure you pack your fancy underwear and lingerie for the wedding night, too. If you forget that, however, nudity always works well.

Prepare your body for sexual pleasure.

If it is your first time having sex (or the first time for your spouse), you should prepare your body for sex. Women can feel pain the first times they have sex, but there are things you can do to minimize the pain – from going slow and being patient to using lubricant. Get the details on what can be done long before the wedding night itself. Spend lots of time on foreplay to make sure everyone is hot and ready to go.

Set the standard for sex.

Think of your wedding night as the first night of the rest of your sex life. From the start of your sexual relationship, you should be open and comfortable with one another. You should also take responsibility for your own sexual pleasure. In other words, make a plan on how you are going to continue to pleasure one another and keep things exciting.

Always strive for improvement.

Sex, like most things in life, can always get better. Living out reasonable fantasies, using sex toys, or simply talking might make your sex life go from boring to spicy. The hard part is determining what the two of you need and how to merge those needs.

Keep the passion alive.

Married sex runs the risk of getting boring. For couples who have had lots of sex ahead of the wedding night, this can happen from the very first night. But you can do something about a lack of passion. Court one another – and put the zing back in your sex life.

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