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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life


Even great sex can always be better, and we’ve all heard about how married sex can get boring over time. So, why not try to improve your sex life? If you want to pump up the passion in your sex life, you can try communicating with your partner and improving your technique. Trying new things – from different sexual positions to using sex toys – might do the trick. But sometimes, it’s just about telling each other what you want from sex. Here are some ways to pump up the passion and have better sex now – 

Spice Up Your Sex Life - Share your desires.

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Telling your partner about your fantasies and communicating what you need and want during sex is the first step to increasing intimacy. The added bonus? It makes sex that much hotter. After all, any experience that has you getting what you want is a better one. Even if you don’t always get what you want, you’ve at least expressed your desires, which will help you grow closer to your partner.

Spice Up Your Sex Life - Talk dirty.

Some people like to be a little naughty. They get turned on by dirty talk, the art of describing what they would like to do to one another in a breathy, come-hither voice. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just be sure to get past the embarrassment and giggles and use those four-letter words with pride. You’ll be oozing sensuality in no time.

Spice Up Your Sex Life - Add more foreplay to your repertoire.

Some people, especially men, prefer to skip foreplay and get right to sex. But foreplay enhances sex, and it’s often important to women, who might have a harder time reaching orgasm. During a serious, pre-sex make-out session, couples might fondle one another, undress or strip for one another, and give and receive oral sex. Oral sex, in fact, is a nice compromise if one of you wants to go right to the good stuff and the other needs some foreplay to get started. Taking the time to please each other sexually is also a great way to express your love for one another and grow more intimate.

Spice Up Your Sex Life - Try new things.

Readers are always sharing sex tips with one another on this site. And many of them really work. From suggestions for sexting to positions that will enhance your pleasure, getting sex tips is a great way to give your sex life a jolt. You just have to be willing to test the advice. The results might surprise you – and you might even learn a tip worth sharing to boot.

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