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The honeymoon lasts only a short time for newlyweds. But passion and romance can last a lifetime. Learn how to keep the romance alive with date nights, romantic getaways, love letters, and great sex.
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Important Dates in the History of Marriage
Learn about the history of marriage by reading about the important dates in its evolution.

Wedding Night Disasters
Find out about the wedding night disasters some couples have faced, get a good laugh, and relish in your own experiences.

How to Be Sexy When You're Married
Discover ways to be sexy when you're married, so you can keep your spouse longing for you.

How to Have Sex
Learn all about how to have sex.

What to Expect at Sex Therapy
Find out what a typical sex therapy session is like, so you can overcome your reservations and consider getting help when you need it.

Help with the Sexless Marriage
Get help for dealing with your sexless marriage. Find out how to address the problems that might be making one of you lack sexual desire.

Sex after Baby
Learn about what sex after baby is really like, how long you have to wait, and how to bring sexy back.

How to Make Time for Sex
Get advice on how to make time for sex even if you are the busiest person on the planet.

Is It All Right to Fantasize about Someone Else during Sex?
Find out whether it is all right to fantasize about someone else during sex with your husband or wife.

Solutions to Common Sex Problems
Find out about common sex problems that most couples face and learn how to resolve them without hurting the relationship.

5 Ways to Increase Intimacy
Discover five ways to increase intimacy and feel closer to your husband or wife than ever before.

Deciding to Get Married - What Made You Marry Your Husband?
Tell us what made you marry your husband and read about how other couples found their way down the aisle to get married.

Deciding to Get Married - How Did You Know Your Wife Was the One?
Tell us what husbands want in a wife -- and find out what others are looking for, too.

Why Newlyweds Need a Vacation
Anything that is intended to last a lifetime can get boring, even marriage. The passion between couples ebbs and flows and rarely is as strong as it was in the heady first days of a relationship. Newlyweds tend to learn this rather quickly after the wedding. But a vacation can help put the spark back in your marriage. Here’s why newlyweds need romantic getaways, even after the honeymoon:

How to Love and Care for Yourself
People often marry for love. They are in love with their mate and from deep within themselves, they feel a desire to be with this person forever. They can see their flaws and tolerate them. They can see a pleasant future. Nothing else seems to matter. But you cannot truly love another person until you love yourself. That might sound like psycho babble, but common sense tells us it has merit. If y…

You Know You're Married When...
Find out all the ways -- good and bad -- couples can be sure that they have entered marriage and left the single life far, far behind.

Open Marriage: One Woman's Experience
Find out why Jenny Block, author of Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage, chooses to have emotional and sexual relationships outside of her marriage -- and why this alternative lifestyle works for her and her husband.

How to Keep Love and Passion Alive in Your Marriage
The cornerstone of a good marriage is love. And sex is one of the ways you express the love you have for your spouse. You need both love and good sex to keep your marriage strong. That's why it's important to discover how to maintain love and romance in your relationship, and what you can do to continuously improve sex for you and your spouse.

Sex - Ode to the Quickie
Discover why the quickie is underestimated and underused and how it can light up your sex life.

10 Romantic Ideas
Get 10 romantic ideas that are certain to boost the love and passion in your relationship - and perhaps even put your spouse in the mood for sex.

Love Poems
Find love poems and quotes to woo your beloved, express your feelings, and inspire romance.

Fall Date Night Ideas
Get ideas for fall date nights that you and your spouse can enjoy as the air turns brisk and the leaves change colors.

10 Ways to Woo Your Husband or Wife
Love and sex can get even better after youre married. With a little effort, you can continue to woo and romance your husband or wife. This will keep the spark in your marriage. Here are some suggestions if youre running out of clever ideas.

How to Overcome the Sexless Marriage
Get advice from a marriage and family therapist about how to overcome the sexless marriage.

How to Unplug Your Marriage

10 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Husband

5 Secrets about Married Sex

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