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After the Wedding

You're married. Now what? Find out how to get over the post-wedding blues, when to send thank you cards, and how to return gifts without hurting anyone's feelings.
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What To Do After the Wedding
Find out what to do after the wedding, including the chores you have to tend to immediately and those that can wait just a bit longer.

How Did You Meet and Marry?
Share and read about wedding stories -- from the engagement to the last dance at the reception.

Wedding Night Disasters
Find out about the wedding night disasters some couples have faced, get a good laugh, and relish in your own experiences.

Ways to Reuse Your Wedding Dress
Get ideas on how to reuse your wedding dress long after the big day.

How to Get Forgiveness for Being Bridezilla
Learn how to get forgiveness for being a bridezilla, even after the wedding is over.

How to Freeze Wedding Cake
Learn about how to freeze the top of your wedding cake, so you can enjoy it on your first anniversary.

10 Signs You Have the Post-Wedding Blues
Get a chuckle and discover whether you have the post-wedding blues.

The First Year of Marriage
Get advice on how to get through that first year of marriage and come out a stronger, wiser, and more loving couple.

Should You Change Your Name?
Couples have many more choices than they did in the past. Today people can get married or stay single, have babies or remain childless, and go to work or be stay-at-home parents. And women can keep their name when they get married or change it. Sometimes, men change their names, too. The choice is up to you. Here are the pros and cons of changing your name, followed by some compromises for couple…

How to Document Newlywed Life
Get tips on how to keep track of the memories you and your spouse are making in your newlywed life.

Get Help with Your New Marriage
Learn how to navigate married life by sharing advice, tips, and stories with other newlyweds just like you.

5 Ways to Overcome the Post-Wedding Blues
Brides and grooms spend at least one year in the spotlight as an engaged couple. There are numerous celebrations in their honor. On the big day, all eyes are on them. But when couples cut the cake at the end of the reception, they are cutting their time in the sun. If you’re suffering from the post-wedding blues, here's how to get out of your funk:

Name Change - Should Women Change Their Name When They Get Married?
Weigh in about whether women should change their names when they get married -- and find out what others think about the tradition of changing your name.

Should the Wife Change Her Name after the Wedding?
Should wives change their last name after the wedding? If you're debating whether to change your name, then you should first consider the pros and cons.

Paintings and Drawings that Pay Homage to Your Wedding Dress
Get information and see photos of the work of artist Stephanie London, who creates paintings and drawings of wedding dresses, which can be given as gifts for holidays and anniversaries.

Wedding Gown Preservation Guide
Learn about wedding gown preservation, the process for cleaning and properly storing the dress you wore when you were married, so that you can pass it down to future generations or sell it.

Mother-in-Law Jokes
Get a laugh from these mother-in-law jokes. Hey, if you weren't laughing, you'd be crying, right?

Wedding Registries - What Do You Wish You Had Put on Your Wed…
Discover what people wish they had put on their wedding registries, so that they would have received other gifts from their wedding guests.

Marriage Jokes
Get a laugh from these funny marriage jokes pulled from all sorts of humor Web sites.

Your Marriage Jokes
Give and get laughs by sharing your favorite marriage jokes and reading those of others.

Say Thank You with Video Ecards
Learn how to make and send video ecards to dazzle your wedding guests, friends, and family, and show them just how grateful you are for their gifts and support during this important time in your life.

Wife Thinks Marriage Was a Mistake
Find out what happens to a couple when the wife regrets getting married shortly after the wedding.

How to Manage Your Expectations of Marriage
Learn how to manage your expectations of marriage, so that you're not disappointed post wedding and you can build a foundation for a strong relationship that will last the test of time.

Signs You Are a Newlywed
Find out signs that you are newlywed - happy, in love, and blissfully unaware of the challenges that lie ahead.

How to Preserve Wedding Flowers

How to Get Your Engagement Ring Appraised and Insured
Learn how to have your engagement ring or wedding ring appraised and insured.

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