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Francesca  Di Meglio

Francesca Di Meglio

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Francesca Di Meglio has written about weddings, marriage, sex, romance, parenting, and personal finance for numerous publications and Web sites including Ladies' Home Journal and iVillage. Married for more than 5 years, she brings a firsthand, polished perspective to the subject of newlywed life.


Di Meglio served as associate producer for iVillage.com's relationships channel from 2002 to 2004. There, she edited and wrote stories about everything from sex to divorce-proofing your marriage. For Ladies' Home Journal, Lamaze Pregnancy, and Baby Steps, she has covered family issues and parenting. As a regular contributor to BusinessWeek.com for nearly 10 years, Di Meglio often wrote about personal finances and the career pursuits of young people. Today, she still covers MBA life, small businesses, and other topics, such as moving, for various clients. 

A full-time freelance writer and editor, Di Meglio has also written about weddings for magazines such as Modern Bride New Jersey and Long Island Bride and Groom. Romantic getaways are a specialty. From 2001 to 2002, she was the assistant travel editor at Ladies' Home Journal, and continues to write about travel - especially in Italy - for various publications and Web sites. She is the author of Fun with the Family New Jersey (Globe Pequot Press Travel, 2012), which is about fun activities parents can do with their kids in her home state.


Di Meglio earned a B.A. in journalism from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

By Francesca Di Meglio:

From the time I was 12 years old, when I earned my first byline in a middle school newspaper, I knew I wanted to be a journalist. There was something about seeing my name in black and white and interviewing all sorts of people with all sorts of stories. The dreams I had for my career started coming true as I took on jobs at historical publications and received more bylines.

My personal goals started to become a reality in 2004, when I met my husband Antonio on the island of Ischia, where both sides of my family originated. I am finally getting to use all the advice and tips that I reported on relationships and marriage in the years before I met Antonio. And I look forward to sharing the scoop - and learning a few new tricks, too - with an audience of married folk.


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