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Francesca  Di Meglio

Sharing a Bathroom

By January 17, 2013

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One of the hardest parts of living with anyone - even your spouse - is sharing a bathroom. It is the one room in the house where you take care of the most personal of activities - going to the bathroom and washing yourself. Frankly, no one really wants to know about anyone else's bathroom habits. But being married and living in the same house - if it's a small house anyway - requires doing just that. Sometimes, I feel as though I spend days waiting for my husband to come out of the bathroom, which he tells everyone is his favorite room in the joint. He has tons of personal hygiene products, which he wants to keep out on the counters. I have few, and I try to store everything where no one can see. For me, the bathroom serves a utilitarian purpose. For my husband, it's like a palace. Having such differing views of the bathroom really can get in the way sharing nicely.

Lucky for you, About.com offers some advice on how to share a bathroom with your spouse in a video. Although I didn't include it in the recent compilation of videos that can help you have an enduring marriage, I think it's worth viewing. So, check it out and learn to live in harmony.

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January 23, 2013 at 12:32 pm
(1) phylameana says:

Nice to know I’m not the only woman who spends less time in the bathroom grooming herself than her husband does… lol

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