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Readers Respond: Reasons to Marry a Woman

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Deciding to marry someone is probably the biggest decision a person can make. But everyone's motivation to marry is different. Many men speak of that moment -- the moment they knew they had found the woman who would become their wife. What triggers that moment seems to be different for just about every man. What we want to know is what made you decide to marry your wife. Why was she the one? Tell Us - Why Your Wife?

I married her because...

She was BEAUTIFUL and I wanted to spend my future with her. She accepts me for my past, is with me in the present, and is basically my best friend. We are compatible in almost every way.
—Guest Roland Boyer

I so love her

I so love her, and she always tells me that I am the father of her children.
—Guest tumi


How do I have sex? I am 22 years old, and I am a man today [because] it is my wedding. Now, I want to have sex. How should i do it?
—Guest Priyam

Tell Us - Why Your Wife?

Reasons to Marry a Woman

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