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Readers Respond: Is Sex Before Marriage Wrong?

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Sex is WRONG before marriage

Hebrews 13:4 from the KJV says, "Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge."
—Guest lifetime9rfan

Stupid conversation

What's the hurry in having sex before marriage? You people can't be quiet before marriage? Stupid.
—Guest jo


I am getting married in 52 days and I am a virgin. We have been together for almost 7 years. I am so excited. I never had to worry about pregnancy, infections or anything else that came with premarital sex. It wasn't always easy to wait but thanks for good Christian friends and family. As a Christian know that God's ways are perfect. So in waiting you avoid hurt, worry, and depression.
—Guest sashawn

Defenitly Wrong!!

Yes sex before marriage is wrong! Because you should wait until you're married. I'm 16 and I know that. I mean what's the big hurry? Why get yourself emotionally involved and end up hurt at the end? When you can just wait and give yourself up to your husband or wife. It's better to wait and be happy later, then to be happy for a little while and hurt at the end. Just saying!
—Guest Peach

opposite genders are for sex

God has made two genders for sex and for sex in marriage. So, go and get married for sex. Make marriage so simple that adultery becomes difficult.
—Guest ali

very true

It`s very true to wait until you are married to have sex because God said so. So, let's do that.
—Guest frankee


Sex before marriage is wrong. The Lord designed us to marry first. Our world needs to turn from our sin for God's wrath is coming. He who ignores discipline comes to poverty but whoever heeds correction is honored. proverbes 13:8
—Guest Kk

Don't judge!

I love the Lord and stumbled onto this article when considering having sex for the first time. I am young but already work to support my family while being a full-time student. My boyfriend is three years older then I am, and we have been dating for two years and would be married if we could be. I believe the word of God, but if you pray and it feels right who are you, as humans, to judge others? You call yourselves Christians but judge others, which is also a sin. The Bible also says divorce is wrong, and so many marriages end in divorce, and sex is one of the top causes. So, if you can prevent one sin, why not pray and get God's blessing in preventing not only another sin but the upheaval of an entire family with kids potentially involved. Having sex with someone you truly love is certainly more pure then watching porn as someone above suggested because porn supports everything God doesn't want it to be. Stop being so hypocritical, sex before marriage is a sin, but so is judging others.
—Guest Christian girl

Think about it

I'm not some preachy person telling you sex is evil, think about it. Do you want to see your bride on your wedding day and know you can't give yourself to her? However, we are humans! People seem to forget that. We fall into temptation and we learn. Asking for forgiveness and being pure in your heart is what is important.
—Guest Jenny

not wrong

I had sex, using protection, with four girls. These girls are good. They did not love me but wanted sex. Two are doctors, one an engineer and one is my wife now. She knows everything. This is my past, but I love my wife and after marriage she is everything for me.
—Guest kanyeya

And we wonder why..

It's a funny thing to sit here and read all of the arguing and opinions flying all over the place in this discussion. It completely blows my mind how the world thinks and acts in this present time... And we wonder why our world is SO MESSED UP! I mean honestly people, do you not know how silly all of you sound? Teenagers, you especially. We just treat sex like it's the same as walking our dog; a normal, everyday occurance. IT'S RIDICULOUS! It doesn't matter if you have religious beliefs or not; the point is sex was made for marriage. That is what the Lord purposed it for! If you are a teenager or an immature adult, then apparently, as labeled, you are too immature to partake in sexual-intercourse. Plain and simple. "Calamity pursues sinners, but properity rewards the righteous." Proverbs 13:21
—Guest Pursuing God

My codes

Okay, like most people here, I am a Christian, and of course think sex outside of marriage is bad and bad for your soul. Giving your virginity to someone who isn't your wife is very bad. Also I'm sure some women would feel a bit depressed with marrying someone who gave up their virginity to someone they didn't stay with and would probably think less of herself because her husband didn't even care for the consequences of what his future wife would feel. Here are my codes to SEX: Code Green: having sex with only your wife/husband. From the point you're bound by God until you die it's okay. Code Yellow: Still a sin, but you have sex with the person you know you're going to marry, but should seriously wait still. Code Red: Pretty much throwing your virginity to the dogs. Trust me, I would rather die a virgin than give my love to someone i didn't care about like my wife.
—Guest Noah


I have been on both sides of the coin. I've had sex before marriage and now that my boyfriend and I are engaged and walking with Christ, we chose to obey what He says in honoring not only Him but one another. of course those who are not really following him think it's ok because their hearts are consumed with selfishness and people basically follow their desires, not God, I speak from experience. God makes it clear that sex before marriage is not how he designed us. And he wants our highest good. When we go around having sex outside of marriage it involves our very spirit, soul and body and emotions. God knows the damage that is caused when we go from person to person and violate him and ourselves. Then we wonder why kids are pregnant at 16 or committing suicide because their girlfriend broke up with them. Those who think its ok have a deceived conscious that basically permits you to do what you want when you want, God creates boundaries for us to protect us because of His love for us.
—Guest guest

premarital sex is wrong

If you really believe God and His words are in the Bible, we should avoid sex before marriage. Sex can be executed only for those married persons. Sex outside marriage is bad in the eyes of God. So why enjoy things that in the end you will die because God will not save you in time of Judgement?
—Guest Forz

What you want

Dear friends, sex is carried out only for pleasure. When you are tired, then you should take advantage of sex promising that you are doing sex with your only girl or boy friend.
—Guest Abhijeet
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