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Readers Respond: Is Sex Before Marriage Wrong?

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sex before marriage ?

Sex is the only the part of Paradise in world, so we should do it as Paradise owners rule.
—Guest Rasel BD

it's absuolutely wrong!!

The Bible says your body is the temple of God. Sex before marriage is wrong! You can't defile the temple of God. It's all about self decision and having a covenant with God. When you do that, you must maintain your self control. When you see the opposite sex, try to control your hormones. Present your body Holy as a living sacrifice!
—Guest guest prom

last time I checked it was 2013.

I wouldn't be here today, or exactly as I am, neither would my brother, had my parents waited until they were married to have sex. They have been together happily for 23 years, and married for 11. They will stay together until they die. I have a child on the way with a man I have been with for three years. We want to get married but the wedding we want will be very costly. We could just run to a registry office, just as my parents could have, but I think that devalues marriage far more than having sex outside of wedlock.
—Guest megan


I think it's very wrong to have sex before marriage. Apart from Biblical warnings, what are the psychological effects, especially if you don't end up staying together? It sometimes destroys marriages, especially when your partner starts comparing you to his or her ex.


You can't be sure of being married by that one person who takes your virginity. Your virginity is very precious to God and to your husband. You will enjoy long lasting respect from your husband if he marries you a virgin. Keep it!

Sex is wrong before marriage

In the Biblical perspective, sex is very wrong before marriage. But since it has not yet been found it should be a matter of choice which should encourage you to do it in such a way that it gives glory to God, either by sticking to one man or woman until marriage and even until death or abstaining from it until you get married.
—Guest Guest Oty Ibeh

pray about it

Pray for the right person. Pray for help with your hormones. Personally, I believe waiting at least until he shows you sex isn't all that matters.
—Guest rosa

Abstinence: best way!

Abstinence before marriage remains the best option. If one becomes sexually active at the age of 18 (before marriage), by the time the person is 25, he/she must've had sex with an uncountable number of persons depending on number of relationships kept.
—Guest Cherry

It's what you feel

I think sex, it's how you feel. It is not only [an expression of how you feel] when you are married. If so, God would have given us sexual feelings only when we married.
—Guest JayCribz

I don't know what's right or wrong

I wish we had sex before being married! Now on paper I've been married 45 years and it was a huge mistake. We never discussed sex before marriage and as it turned out we only had sex once in all those horrible years. My marriage had no meaning, he only slept with me maybe a total of 5 hours and hasn't since. He's lived his life in the basement and I am upstairs. I wish I was alone, but I didn't move on. I was very foolish and I wake up to that every morning.
—Guest Amy

waiting can be unrealistic

I did not wait before marriage, but I have always wanted to wait. I lost my virginity when I was 24 with my fiance who was very experienced sexually. We did end up being married. I wished I had gotten married and lost my virginity maybe five years earlier. Sex is such an awesome thing. I wished I'd have met my husband at a younger age and married him right away. I would not have to wait that long. Marriage is the hardest thing I have experienced in my life. I wished I had known better before I got married, but some things you will never know unless you experience them yourself firsthand. It is like telling the living how it is to be dead when you have never experienced it. It's the same thing, I think, as comparing being sexually active to being a virgin and being married to being single.
—Guest waiting is unrealistic

Your decision!

I think it is up to you. I am 21 and a virgin. Religion is one of the reasons why I still am a virgin, however I just don't want any diseases, not that I can't get any while married. I still would like to wait as long as I can. Overall, it is your choice.
—Guest DD

Absolutly Wrong

We are all created by one God. No, sex before marriage is a command from our creator. we are created in his image after his own likeness.The Bible says our body is a temple of God which is to always be holy. Anybody who engages in sex before marriage (fornication) or adultery will definitely face the judgement of God unless he/she repents. Please, let's always pray for God's grace to abstain from that. It's very wrong before our maker.
—Guest Blessing

how do you really know what God wants?

The Bible or any other religious document has gone though hundreds of years of alterations. Some of the parts in the Bible were taken out and altered for different religions. So what makes you think that everything in the Bible is 100 percent accurate? The only way you would know what God wants is if he told you himself. I think sex before marriage is a personal thing, some people like to "practice" before marriage.
—Guest Annie

it depends on u

If two lovers that stay apart, already working, saving and planning a future together, note their parent are involved... How do u feel they can see themselves without hugging, kissing or even having sex. Although it depends on the truthfulness...the choice is theirs to make.
—Guest guest petrox

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