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Readers Respond: Is Sex Before Marriage Wrong?

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It's what you feel

I think sex, it's how you feel. It is not only [an expression of how you feel] when you are married. If so, God would have given us sexual feelings only when we married.
—Guest JayCribz

I don't know what's right or wrong

I wish we had sex before being married! Now on paper I've been married 45 years and it was a huge mistake. We never discussed sex before marriage and as it turned out we only had sex once in all those horrible years. My marriage had no meaning, he only slept with me maybe a total of 5 hours and hasn't since. He's lived his life in the basement and I am upstairs. I wish I was alone, but I didn't move on. I was very foolish and I wake up to that every morning.
—Guest Amy

waiting can be unrealistic

I did not wait before marriage, but I have always wanted to wait. I lost my virginity when I was 24 with my fiance who was very experienced sexually. We did end up being married. I wished I had gotten married and lost my virginity maybe five years earlier. Sex is such an awesome thing. I wished I'd have met my husband at a younger age and married him right away. I would not have to wait that long. Marriage is the hardest thing I have experienced in my life. I wished I had known better before I got married, but some things you will never know unless you experience them yourself firsthand. It is like telling the living how it is to be dead when you have never experienced it. It's the same thing, I think, as comparing being sexually active to being a virgin and being married to being single.
—Guest waiting is unrealistic

Your decision!

I think it is up to you. I am 21 and a virgin. Religion is one of the reasons why I still am a virgin, however I just don't want any diseases, not that I can't get any while married. I still would like to wait as long as I can. Overall, it is your choice.
—Guest DD

Absolutly Wrong

We are all created by one God. No, sex before marriage is a command from our creator. we are created in his image after his own likeness.The Bible says our body is a temple of God which is to always be holy. Anybody who engages in sex before marriage (fornication) or adultery will definitely face the judgement of God unless he/she repents. Please, let's always pray for God's grace to abstain from that. It's very wrong before our maker.
—Guest Blessing

how do you really know what God wants?

The Bible or any other religious document has gone though hundreds of years of alterations. Some of the parts in the Bible were taken out and altered for different religions. So what makes you think that everything in the Bible is 100 percent accurate? The only way you would know what God wants is if he told you himself. I think sex before marriage is a personal thing, some people like to "practice" before marriage.
—Guest Annie

it depends on u

If two lovers that stay apart, already working, saving and planning a future together, note their parent are involved... How do u feel they can see themselves without hugging, kissing or even having sex. Although it depends on the truthfulness...the choice is theirs to make.
—Guest guest petrox

Off course

The apostle Paul in the Bible says that you must present your body pure as a living sacrifice, which is the will of God.
—Guest Gianne Frankel

Why does it even matter to you?

It's a person's choice whether to have sex; it's their body and not anyone else's. To make someone wait until marriage is not only unrealistic, it forces your will on someone else. Some people don't believe in marriage. Does that mean they should remain virginal for the rest of their lives? Adam and Eve were not married. They were merely committed to one another. King David had a harem of women that he was not married to. I feel that if two people are emotionally, spiritually, and physically mature enough to have sex and deal with the consequences, they can. Sex is a natural thing that our bodies were literally made to do. It is not something that decreases over time, it is not something that you can only give away once. So, what is the difference? What about people who are raped or molested? Are they also sinning? Does sex automatically become something less meaningful because one has done it before? I feel that if you are committed and able, you can, and no one should object.
—Guest Michelle

never ever before marriage

It's totally wrong to have sex before marriage because it's against our religion and it's like we cheat our life partner whom we are going to marry in the future. Let it be reserved for the someone.
—Guest sahil

Be positive

Guys, God and science are different things. They said all this thing starts from a theory called big bang. But how did primates begin? Of course, God created them. By the power of God he gave the ability to evolve. Talk about evolution, now we talk about science. God and science help each other to make humans survive in this world.
—Guest Nick

personal choice

Hi, I am a fervent believer in GOD and I'm 19 years old and still a virgin. It is hard, and I believe it will be worth the wait. I initially made the choice to wait at a young age (and didn't understand just how hard it would but I don't like to see people use the Bible to scare others or interpret verses wrong. I chose to wait to sacrifice myself to show GOD my love for Him. If you don't have a personal reason to wait, such as waiting for the right person; to avoid an STD; unwanted pregnancy, then don't waste your time being unhappy. I believe waiting will show you just how strong you are.
—Guest guestpo

Sex Before Marriage is wrong

God created us in His Image, we were created to be like God. He has ordered us to marry to avoid fornication. This means sex is only for married people. Anyone who does it outside marriage is committing fornication and must face the judgement of God if he or she doesn't repent. So, let's avoid sex before marriage. Eat the ripe fruit to avoid acidic content of unripe fruit. In summary, wait for your time to have sex. Thank you.
—Guest Anthony Eyo Utin

It's perfectly fine

Sex before marriage is perfectly fine and normal. Most people do it, even self-righteous purity mongers who claim it's sinful. I personally think it's better to do it before marriage because you get time to figure out what and who makes you feel good before you make a lifelong commitment to someone who may or may not be able to satisfy you. If you believe in God, do you really believe an "all-loving" being is going to torture you for eternity for doing what your body was made to do? Do you really think doing a loving, mutually fun and pleasurable thing is on par with murder? The most important thing is to do what feels right for YOU. If you're not comfortable doing it before marriage, that's fine too.
—Guest MuffinW

Of course

God is the ultimate bureaucrat, and insists that all of your proper state marriage paperwork be in order before certain parts of your body are allowed to touch certain parts of another person's body. Not only should you be married before touching your loved one's no-no special place, you should make sure that three copies of all legal forms are sent to God via certified mail. Request a return receipt. Otherwise, God will set you on fire forever. Because He loves you.
—Guest Stickface

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