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Readers Respond: How Do You Express Your Love?

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From the article: 101 Expressions of Love
Actions speak louder than words. While saying, "I love you," is an important part of any marriage, there are numerous ways that we show our spouses we love them. Some ways are obvious, some not so much. Everything from sex to taking out the trash can be an expression of love. How do you express your love? Give and get ideas on how to express your love here. Share Your Story

Don't lose the art of flirting

I came to realize, I was losing the art of flirting. Why stop texting simple things during the day like "hey cutie, how's it going?" Flirting should continue after marriage in the same way as when you were pursuing. Not only does this keep the passion for your spouse, but for you as well. I like flirting and my wife should receive all of it.

Expressing Love

He's never been looked after, spoiled, loved truly, and deeply because he devoted most of 19 years to his son, who has cerebral palsy. The child's mother did not want him, so they long ago divorced. He lived as a single parent, fought for his son's custody, raised him to the point where now he found me. The young man is grown up and heading into the world on his own. Dad is facing a new life of love from me and for me. He's never loved as he loves now. I have started spoiling him rotten on occasions. I make his coffee in the a.m., I have a cup of coffee waiting for him when he walks in the door after work. (His favorite drink!) I am blessed with this man. Truly. He is thoughtful, kind, caring, honest, finishes my sentences for me and I his - lol. He deserves to be happy and making him happy, makes me happy for his joy & how he returns the love. We are soul mates, connected deeply. The depth of our feeling is amazing us both...better every day, every minute. God blessed me.
—Guest Joanne

This essay is bull

Life would be easy if a mere "You are right, I was wrong" worked.
—Guest Ricky

just a simple little kiss

...at the restaurant, I got up to make a restroom visit and kissed my love on his forehead with a "I'll be right back'. Later and since he has remarked how very special that 'simple little kiss' made him feel. I now make a point to give him that special feeling as much as possible. It's my joy to know that he is my special guy, and my privilege to make more of those moments happen.
—Guest Betty

love is like water

love is like water, that if you open a valve the water will goes on..
—Guest suiluj

Idont knw who to belve

Me and my ex d date for 4years and we broke up a month ago and we stil see each oda for sex and we want to be with each oda agen but ithink he.s going out with my ex friend but he sais it is.n so but his friend said tht he told them that he.s dating the gal who must ibelve
—Guest Jame

about Love

Love is a Art. to break heart is not Art. Love must be really.no outside.
—Guest Nasrin Namdari

Express Loveness

for the one I love...I...Tuck her in and greet her in the morning with a kiss and a "i love u". i let her drive the good car to work while i drive the clunker. I write songs and sing them to her kinda like her own personal stage show.
—Guest Daniel

Cooking Up Love

I often make food that I know my husband likes. I like to surprise him with these meals, and I usually light candles, which is something else he likes. We feed each other and enjoy. It's all quite romantic.

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How Do You Express Your Love?

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