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Readers Respond: Best Sex Advice

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A good sex life is a major component of a successful marriage. There are always things you can do to improve your sex life. Sex is no longer taboo in our culture, so why not share your best advice for spicing up your sex life? Giving and getting sex tips can put the zing in your marriage. Tell us what sex tips work for you - and pick up a few new tricks of your own.

Best starts

Lady's I hope you feel the same way but I love a hug from behind with kisses and beard roughing on my neck to let me know he is interested. Then to be turned around and kissed with feeling.
—Guest Wifeof twenty years

sex tips

I like having sex on the sofa. It feels different than on the bed, and it's nicer and sexier.
—Guest nomsa4

Oh yeah!

My boyfriend and I always go to hotels. But nothing beats those on-the-moment -can't-wait-to-get-caught sex. Oh yeah, everything is thrown everywhere, and we feel so good afterward.
—Guest Sexy girl

French Kiss

Giving your spouse lusty french kisses with a passionate hug at the doorstep signals that you want her or him badly. I personally do that so often with one advanced step, inserting my hand under her T-shirt and cupping her breast firmly while we are kissing. Just imagine what next comes next, anywhere on the floor. (Of course, no kids are around.)

In the bath tub

Get in the bath tub together, and give each other a bath. And then let him penetrate in whatever position is comfortable.


—Guest falcon

Leg Lift

Always lift your leg when you are having hardcore sex.
—Guest brock

Talking Dirty

A little phone sex or sexting never hurt anyone. If you can't be with ur boyfriend/girlfriend talk to them and get them in the mood by starting a conversation about sex and describe in detail the feeling and view of it all. And if ur sexting you could maybe even send a naughty pic of urself just make sure ur sending it to the right person.
—Guest ilovesexage14

Role Playing

What I do sometimes to get make things more interesting is I have my husband close his eyes and I decribe our first time, he was a virgin before me, so he gets alot more into in when we role play and put him back in the moment of his first time.

Touching Yourself

With my girlfriend once we've been at it for a while and things might be starting to wind down I'll sometimes get on top of her, straddling her and sitting up so she has a good view and start touching myself. She can usually only watch for a few minutes before she takes over...

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