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A good sex life is a major component of a successful marriage. There are always things you can do to improve your sex life. Sex is no longer taboo in our culture, so why not share your best advice for spicing up your sex life? Giving and getting sex tips can put the zing in your marriage. Tell us what sex tips work for you - and pick up a few new tricks of your own. Share Your Sex Tips

how we do it.

She dresses for bed in lingerie each night. I shop for it. She chooses what to wear. Classic, pretty, and comfortable things but accessible for sex. I shave and shower before bed. We go to bed early and wake early - an hour early. I massage her, when she is ready I provide oral sex for as long as she likes. I add fingers, a vibrator, whatever it takes until she is sated. Then and only then do we move to intercourse - each and every morning. Get good birth control - we use an IUD - no condoms - EVER. The pace was decided by her. We had previously used a schedule and gradually increased it over two or three years to every other day. She was truly enjoying herself and decided that it would be every day. It happens to work well and we are in our 50s.
—Guest Guest Dan

advice needed

I've been with my husband three years, he is the first man I've ever been with. We have been intimate over 1,500 times. Problem is I never reach orgasm, not only that but he doesn't like dirty talk, role play or anything like that. I'm the type of girl who wants it all the time but he is the opposite. He says I'm the best he has ever had, but with things like this I am unsure. I feel pretty frustrated. Any suggestions?
—Guest annonymous.


My husband and I are always looking for ways to spice up our sex life. After having sex like every night for almost 2.5 years, you start running out of options. We've done toys, different positions, different locations, role-play, different foreplay, different condoms and lubes. What's left? Well, one time we decided that we'd treat each other to our own customized sex. I basically give him what he wants exactly (even if I didn't like it or didn't get anything in return) and we exchanged places the next night. During my giving to him - plenty of foreplay, rubbing, stroking, licking, sucking, kissing, and then riding, but I stopped. I got off and told him to lay on his tummy. I gave him a massage right in the middle of it all. It turned him on SO much he almost didn't make it back in. lol I was flattered. I love knowing I've done good to please my man regardless of how it felt for me. The mental lift is amazing, knowing I did a great job of getting the job done.
—Guest 2yrwife

Hey mollymad-

She might not like seeing it and be shy to tell you. She's not being mean, but I hate to see a guy touch himself when he could be touching me. And a panel of five other women agree.
—Guest just me

Sex tips

Let your spouse know what feels good to you by making sounds. Your spouse will love that. He/she will begin to make sounds too.
—Guest SB

Dirty Talk

If you are uncomfortable with certain words, the way to bring dirty talk into your sex play without feeling crude is to talk about what you are feeling- how she is affecting you, what feels good, and, this is crucial, what you are about to do to her. Not only does telling her what you are about to do to her build anticipation, but talking to her with confidence and certainty about your sexual intentions is exactly the way she wants to be spoken to by her man. The bonus is that at the same time you are accomplishing all of this other great stuff, you are engaging her in communication, one of her big emotional turn-ons. Make sure you stay on point and don't get carried away. This is a situation where less is more.
—Guest Catherine Smith

Sex Tips

Get her off her back by the simple expediency of having her stand up for sex. Bend her over so that she has to support herself with her hands on a chair or table.
—Guest Catherine Smith

sex tips

I like having sex on the sofa. It feels different than on the bed, and it's nicer and sexier.
—Guest nomsa4

Oh yeah!

My boyfriend and I always go to hotels. But nothing beats those on-the-moment -can't-wait-to-get-caught sex. Oh yeah, everything is thrown everywhere, and we feel so good afterward.
—Guest Sexy girl

French Kiss

Giving your spouse lusty french kisses with a passionate hug at the doorstep signals that you want her or him badly. I personally do that so often with one advanced step, inserting my hand under her T-shirt and cupping her breast firmly while we are kissing. Just imagine what next comes next, anywhere on the floor. (Of course, no kids are around.)

In the bath tub

Get in the bath tub together, and give each other a bath. And then let him penetrate in whatever position is comfortable.


—Guest falcon

Leg Lift

Always lift your leg when you are having hardcore sex.
—Guest brock

Talking Dirty

A little phone sex or sexting never hurt anyone. If you can't be with ur boyfriend/girlfriend talk to them and get them in the mood by starting a conversation about sex and describe in detail the feeling and view of it all. And if ur sexting you could maybe even send a naughty pic of urself just make sure ur sending it to the right person.
—Guest ilovesexage14

Role Playing

What I do sometimes to get make things more interesting is I have my husband close his eyes and I decribe our first time, he was a virgin before me, so he gets alot more into in when we role play and put him back in the moment of his first time.

Touching Yourself

With my girlfriend once we've been at it for a while and things might be starting to wind down I'll sometimes get on top of her, straddling her and sitting up so she has a good view and start touching myself. She can usually only watch for a few minutes before she takes over...

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