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Readers Respond: Cheap Date Night – Ideas for Enjoying a Cheap Date Night With Your Spouse

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From the article: 20 Free Date Night Ideas
Spending time together doesn't mean you have to spend your money. Keep your wallet full but have fun and get closer. If you think about it, you can come up with cheap date night ideas for you and your spouse. Tell us your ideas for great date nights that are free or at least affordable.

fitness and fun!

My husband and I love to work out together...we go on long walks with the kids (today we took a 3 mile walk to the community playground and played on the swings and slides with the children), we also love to lift weights and work out..boxing and grappling are two things we enjoy. Oh and we veg out on the couch at least once every two weeks....being college students and parents makes it hard to go out and do stuff but we are best friends and share many of the same interests, like being home bodies, so it's never an issue to find something to do that is fun and low cost for us. The key thing is to find something you have in common and make it fun....doesn't have to cost a dime :) If you're a parent, the true definition of a date is doing something/anything without the kids that puts a smile on your face!
—Guest kitri2779

Go For a Scenic Drive

Go for an afternoon drive in the countryside and eat in a cozy restaurant.
—Guest Ideas

Be a joiner

Discuss with each other and find a group that does something that interests you. Check them out, attend a meeting, make sure the group and both of you mesh well. Then join together. Actually attend the meetings together and participate. Help set up for the meeting, bake cookies together, join in the activities and, even, suggest activities for the group (trips, picnics, potlucks, movie night, etc.) Be a part of it together. It will even give you another free date occasion-- the two of you get together specifically to discuss the group, your opinions of the group, etc. Make sure you are both happy, getting along, and that the group is meeting both your needs. If it is a once-a-month meeting, then have a lunch or coffee date every two or three months to talk. Hope my ideas give you ideas.


Share your hobby with your partner. For example, teach the other how to knit, bake, build something, metal detect. Or start a new hobby together something you both want to learn like antique shopping which involves research, photography, metal detecting, candy making, container/herb/raised/hydroponic/orchid/ bonsai gardening (many gardening centers have free classes), home improvement (many stores have free classes), take a class from your local city parks and recreation group or whatever interests one or both. Learning something together and practicing keeps you interested and interesting.

Free Movie Screening

Almost every major city offers free outdoor movie screenings during the spring and summer. Grab a blanket, some wine, and head out to the movies.
—Guest Movie Buff

Go Someplace Neither Has Been Before

It doesn't have to be big. Something like city kids visiting a farm or the barns at a county fair can be a fun adventure-memory to last a lifetime.

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