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Readers Respond: Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

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Love at first sight is a subject that spans the ages. Some have said pop singer Katy Perry and Russell Brand were in love at first sight. But is that really just lust you were feeling when you first saw your lover across the room? Or were you really in love from the get go? Some people believe love at first sight is a romantic truth and people just know when they see a person that he or she is the one. Others believe that love at first sight is impossible because you have to get to know a person completely before falling in love. What do you think? Share Your Opinion

The Real Thing

Love at first sight is not even about what your eyes see; vision is just the incidental vector for a fusion of souls. It happened to me. I barely glanced at him and I was gone, floating in a yellow fog unable to see, hear, or feel anything except a sensation as if there was a rope around my waist pulling me in his direction. No idea how long I was in that state but eventually I was back, still in the same position, looking at him. He was looking at me and that was it. Every day he asked me if I loved him and every day I said "yes." I've never been so atuned to someone, so much on the same wavelength, so effortlessly at one with another. I feel sorry for all the people who will never experience that.
—Guest Half of a fused soul


Unless I experience it or witness it, I will never believe in love at first sight. It just sounds like a fairy tale, something I only see in movies.
—Guest caticia1

Yes i do believe .. :)

It happens in reality. So, nothing's wrong with engaging that kind of issue. If you already experienced that a long time ago or even recently, just enjoy the flow.

Still thinking about it!!!!!

At my age, 20, I haven't experienced that so-called love at first sight because love means strong affection and personal attachments to someone you really [care about]. Love develops through caring for each other, sharing personal problems, and trusting each other toward secrets that shared.
—Guest Kehr

Yes :)

I believe in love at first sight because it happened to me' once. I met a boy on a cruise ship and the first time I saw him, I really saw him. There was this vibe about him that drew me' like a moth to a flame. But it wasn't how he looked, it was how he looked at me ... Right through my eyes through the windows of my soul :) over the next ten days I literally fell head over heels in love with him
—Guest Yo Wife

No I don't

Majority of love at first sight [stories] are fake. Please, gals let's watch out and never be carried away.

no i dont

I don't really think love at first sight works. At an angle, I think it should be referred to as infatuation at first sight, on the other hand, it might turn out not to be what it seems when you first saw [each other]. Trust me., it's just a gambling thing.
—Guest tosin

Believer turns Non-Believer to find..

When I was younger I truly wanted to believe that there was a "soul mate" out there for me and in the concept of love at first sight. After a string of relationships in my early twenties I abandoned the idea as the ideals and naivete of youth. So it came as a complete surprise in my late twenties when I met a man and fell in love nearly "at first sight." I had a resonance and bond with him that I had never experienced before even when I was "in love" previously. Nine years later I am very happily married to him and my feelings have grown stronger vs. diminished. As great as it sounds, the experience can be complicated to at the extreme torturous depending on life situations. Love at first sight happens I truly just wish it was easier for people to find that special someone they have such an extreme connection with.
—Guest Love Struck

I'm Not Sure

I know some people have experienced it, but I haven't met anyone personally who has. I think for true love to develop, a couple has to really know and understand each other, and that takes time.
—Guest Nancy

The Myth of Love at First Sight

I don't believe in love at first site, but I do trust my gut instincts. When I met my husband, I knew we would be friends almost instantly. Love came later. There was an initial spark of interest though. Not love yet, but definite interest!
—Guest Connie B


Yes I do believe in love at first sight, first encounter, first meeting.
—Guest Josie

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Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

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