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Readers Respond: How to Tell People You're Pregnant

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Finding out you're pregnant, especially if you've been trying for a while, is exciting. You probably can't wait to tell your those who are closest to you -- from your husband to your parents. But you want to choose the right words and make the moment memorable. After all, you'll be sharing this story with your kid -- and other relatives and friends -- for the rest of your life, so the story has to be good. How did you tell people you were pregnant? How did they react? What did they say? Share your stories here.

Just do it!

I have gone through it twice and you just tell them. Say: Guess What! I am pregnant! Then you will all scream and throw a gigantic baby shower that will be so amazing you jump for joy! (Safely that is.) Trust me, everyone will be happy for you! It's your time to shine.
—Guest ak234

Wow Nonna and Nonno

My son and daughter in law gave us a gift of a picture frame that said I love grandma and I love grandpa - We just melted!
—Guest Regina

A Little Package

I gave my husband a little package in a gift bag...it was my pregnancy test which read 'pregnant', wrapped in tissue paper. I had a small card on the outside that simply said 'celebrate' and on the inside I wrote 'and start PRAYING'!
—Guest Trudy

My mothers reaction to our pregnancy.

My husband and I found out together that I was pregnant, so it was not surprise to him. However, when we told my mother her reply was "How did this happen? I don't know who was more shocked, my husband or me. My reply to her was "you know the usual way". She still couldn't figure it out. Our son is now 12 and I still don't think my mother has figured it out.
—Guest Mona

how our son and wife told us

At christmas dinner they gave us a gift , it was a baby's rattle.
—Guest dicastjj
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