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Readers Respond: How Will You Improve Your Marriage?

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From the article: 7 Resolutions for Newlyweds
Every new year is a chance for a fresh start. But before you can start anew, you must reflect on the past. As you do, you should take note of all the ways you would like to improve and try to figure out how you can change for the better. While we're all used to setting resolutions for our diet and health and our work and career, we might not pay the same attention to our relationship. Frankly, we should be paying more attention to our marriage, our most precious gift. So, how are you going to become a better wife or husband in the new year? Tell us your relationship resolution here - Share Your Resolutions

Belated Resolution

To accept my self for my flaws and learn to embrace them. To re-earn trust by being more consistent. To treat my husband better and to trust him whole heartedly as well as taking care of myself seriously. Stick with changes. Commit. No excuses.
—Guest mimi


To tolerate my husband and learn not to listen to what other people tell me about him.To also trust my husband in everything he does until he proves me wrong. To be a better wife, in order to have peace at home.
—Guest vanessa A

Letting Go of Anger

My husband is a wonderful person. And he should not have to pay for the mistakes and sins of others in our life. Yet, I hold some anger and even deep resentment for other people in our life who tried to stand in the way of our marriage. I have to let go of that anger and find inner peace. It will make me a better wife and person. I think I'll be happier, too, which will definitely improve our relationship. That's my goal for the next year.

Share Your Resolutions

How Will You Improve Your Marriage?

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