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Readers Respond: How Do You Know Your Husband Can't Live without You?

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C'mon, ladies. We all know that our husbands would be lost without us. They couldn't survive if we weren't around to remind them to breathe. Almost every husband ever depicted on a sitcom is proof of this. But there are definitely distinctive signs that hubby needs you. How do you know that your husband can't live without you? What does he do (or can't do) that proves he needs you? Share Your Stories


Husband has a job, and is obsessed with it. He takes home work, and he shows no affection. We haven't had sex for two years. His ego has become huge. He is not the same person. I want a divorce.
—Guest maryann

Amazing Article

Hey this is an amazing article and don't bother whatever people say about it…I'm married 9 years now and i agree to 90% of what you have written. I really can't live without my wife. These guys have just down your moral n now wud attack me. But keep writing u r amazing…Thanks
—Guest Guest

What a load

Well, I guess I can easily live without any female. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself. My ex-wife was the needy, selfish, stupid, lazy one. So there goes your stereotype.
—Guest John

appreciating what you have

This article is not sexist at all - gender differences do matter and therefore social stereotypes exist. BTW, they are not all bad all the time. Some of those staereotypes are just wisdom of many generations that came before us, though some of them are certainly meant to keep women down. The main thing is to genuinely respect and appreciate each other, to be a team. For example, my wife is a homemaker. When I go to work I rely on her help to cook me breakfast, prepare my lunch, give me fresh clothes, though I can do all this myself. Much more importantly, all this shows me that we are partners in this endeavor called marriage and that she cares for me and WANTS to make the day easier for me, WANTS to spend a some time with me, WANTS to take part in my life. Life is not easy and when one partner starts to feel like her/his efforts are being taken for granted, trouble is not far away.
—Guest Garry

What a load of...

I'm sorry but this article is a joke. All I get from this is sexism and stereotyping to the extreme...
—Guest Wow..

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How Do You Know Your Husband Can't Live without You?

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