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Readers Respond: The In-Laws' Bizarre Behavior

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Every newlywed has that moment, where he or she notices the quirk in the in-laws, the traditions or behaviors that seems downright bizarre or maybe even wrong. Even if you have the nicest in-laws in the world, you still probably don't always fit in with them or find some of the things they do to be weird or wrong or just different from how you and your family behave. This is perfectly normal. But it's both entertaining and healthy to dish about the crazy in-laws. So, what bizarre behavior had you thinking your in-laws were crazy or at least a little different?

in laws

My in laws don't care for honesty at all. No matter what they do, my husband asks that I put on a smile and act happy the minute we walk into their house. They refuse to have a normal, honest conversation about our relationship. The very few attempts I have made have been turned against me. I am just blown away. Most of them have completely boycotted us for no reason and pretend there is nothing going on. When we invite them over, they say they already have other plans; but we keep visiting them over and over. My husband has finally gotten fed up with the situation (after 5 years). It's unbelievable. If I try to talk to anyone about it, I am considered a simpleton for opening my mouth. And if I don't, I am forced to play the pretending and lying game, which goes against my values (I just can't do it). All this dishonesty has tainted the love between my spouse and me. And I have to somehow protect our little girl from the unnecessary drama, the rejection and loneliness.
—Guest masha1

Weird crazy in laws

My in-laws are older, 20 years older than my parents. So, yes, it's expected that they have some different views. For the first two years of our relationship we lived with his parents; they seemed okay until I really got to observe their family dynamic, which is totally dysfunctional. When I had my daughter, I just got a bad feeling from my MIL and since she constantly bitched about her other kids' children, I would let her hold my kid. But honestly I didn't trust her with my child for anything else; she was mad at me once and called my 6-month-old a bitch. She is super obsessed and concerned with my husband, who is her youngest son. She used to constantly show up at my house unannounced; whenever I disagree win her she lays a big guilt trip on my husband and woe is her when something doesn't go her way.
—Guest Alyssa

crazy demands via mother in law

Mom-in-law takes trips all over Europe, has a maid. Everything is paid for her via pensions, but she demands company every week or on birthdays (not hers). When her birthday came around, she acted all fake when she knew what gift she was getting from her friends.
—Guest lEE

dumb BIL

My BIL is a couple of years younger than my husband. Recently, his marriage got fixed. He and the rest of my in-laws wants the wedding ASAP. My husband and I, being teachers, can't take that many days off from work. When my husband tried to ask his bro why he can't wait until summer so we can also attend the wedding, he said my telephone bill is getting high. Hence, I want the wedding ASAP. I don't know if I've heard anything more dumb than that.
—Guest wtf

Cut the umbilical cord already!!!!

My MIL is the single biggest dimwit I've met in my entire life. The character limit precludes me from adequately illustrating the reasons for calling her that, but I'll attempt a snapshot: She calls my wife 4 times a day, at minimum, even though we live in the same small town and see each other at least 3 times a week. She's got an ongoing Ambien addiction which she justifies by citing her "fibromyalgia". She has been sent home from work for being doped out of her tiny mind, all the while insisting that she "only takes it so she can go to sleep." Right...because you need to sleep at 1 in the afternoon. My wife has to do her parents' banking because, apparently, the finer points of basic math elude them. Seriously, they bring her their bills, and my wife sits down and pays them. My in-laws are in their 50s. They're not 90-year olds in a nursing home. My MIL constantly tries to seem relevant by buying the newest stuff, only to become dumbfounded by things as simple as an iPhone.
—Guest Fed up with family-in-law


My husband was the best thing to ever happen to me...until we moved to his mom and dad's house. My FIL came on to me when my husband was in the kitchen and my MIL was at the store. I immediately told my husband everything that was said and he told me not to say anything to my MIL to make our stay as comfortable as possible, so I listened. But it eventually came out and now it's hell being here. I feel so uncomfortable. My SIL told me my MIL calls her saying I'm trying to be like her with my hairstyles and I tried to sneak in their room with my FIL. All of this is completely untrue. I would never hurt my husband that way and on top of that I'm not that type of person. I feel like the family looks at me as if I'm the family whore lol it's not funny but I need to laugh at it. Not to mention how I hold my bladder until I almost pee myself, and I stay in my hot, hot room with no air conditioning all day until they go to sleep, then I will get something to eat. Please give some fedback I ned advice.
—Guest fedup

dad,mom,brother in law are always judgin

Ok, so my mom in law is always judging me about every single thing. She is crazy religious. I am Catholic and I respect all religions. Somehow, I was always judged by my religion. So, for three years, I went to my wife's church and I tried to fit in, but every single day people gave me bad looks. People said things on purpose to piss me off and said things about my wife on purpose to piss me off. But I ignored it all, even though I really wanted to fight some of these people or tell them off. Her mom would not allow for us to date so we dated secretly and finally moved in together and got married! However, she is controlling and her mom, dad, and brother all make comments and do things on purpose to piss me off, and its not fair. I never have told them anything and they have never truly accepted me and always bring up things they know I don't like. Now, I just don't want to go to visit them anymore because they constantly attack me. What do I do?
—Guest judging in laws

My in laws are bout to not like me

Okay, my wife and me are about to have a child and her parents are over here every weekend. She tells her mom about every dime she spends and then her mom babys her everyday. I think my wife still has a kid's mind, and I didn't know this until after marriage. She thinks her mom and dad are smarter than everyone. It pisses me off that she wants her mom to know every aspect of her life. She told me she doesn't want me to put our baby crib together because her dad is better than I am at doing these things. I beg to differ. It's every father's job to put his son's crib together. I need some advice. I'm to my breaking point and about to cuss my in laws out.
—Guest Wayne1991

I'm lucky--my in-laws are wonderful!

I had a horrible relationship with my own parents, who were violent and abusive. When I moved in with my fiance' about a year ago i was shocked: his parents (my soon-to-be in-laws) were sweet, fun, down-to-earth and delightful. My mother-in-spirit is wacky. We don't agree about everything but she's a lot like me. She always says that things work and function better if they're pink (i.e., cell phones, laptop computers, etc), and we tend to argue about who's going to clean because we BOTH want to do it. We're both neat freaks. I'm so happy that i have a loving family.
—Guest Leah

Are the in-laws for real?

Everyone else's stories make me feel as though I shouldn't complain - but I will. We moved in with the in-laws two years ago after my MIL had stroke. I realize now that it's been a long two years! MIL friend came over to do MIL's hair and she brought her dog; yes, the dog is cute! But MIL says, "...Oh Linda, come see the dog..." I have seen the dog on prior visits. I think the dog is really cute, but I am currently having a bad episode of my chronic pain and I am trying to write out the checks to pay our bills and my FIL's bills. I said it was not a good thing for me to see the dog, since MIL & FIL frown upon husband & I getting another dog. (We had to put down our dog in Jan 2010, though we only had her five years. (She was a rescue.) It was hard & FIL was negative about us having a dog (but she was part of a package deal - she went where we went & we moved in with MIL & FIL), so I state my thoughts & it winds up where dog's owner thought I was speaking of her, which I wasn't. I was speaking of THEM! I never knew life could be so hard. God bless you.
—Guest Linda

Crazy friendships...worse than in laws!

We are from India, so I don't have to deal with my immediate in-laws. They only visit us once a year. My parents are in India, too. The problem is I have two step sons and a daughter with my husband. The older son's grandma is overly involved and is a good friend of my husband, so whenever we have the older son, she comes over and she would be with the boy all the time. It is just too much for me. The boy comes every other weekend, and I have to deal with her and it just ruins my relationship with my stepson (7 years) as he wouldn't listen and threw a fit. This is not all. We have another 68 year old who is my husband's good friend. She is single and retired. She doesn't have any grandkids from her only son, so she treats our kids as her grandkids. Even she would intrude on my life and suggests moving into my house, so she can be around the kids. She is like a mother to my husband, so he might consider it, too. I don't drive (learning), so I am dependent on her at times my husband isn't around. How can I avoid her?
—Guest tina

Manipulative in laws

Its been 1 year of marriage with my long term BF. My mil & fil are very manipulative. They lie BIG. They act very caring and affetionate in front of my husband. My mil is always to passing useless and provocative comments about me always in my husband's absence. Though I bring these t my hubb's notice he has'nt bothered. I ride 15kms up-down to ofice everyday. Im facing lot of health issues. I have low BP and fainted on road a couple of times while riding. These is no bus facility near that house. The house we stay is 10x15ft. Very crumped and suffocating for 2 adults. My mil rejects everything she said into she nvr said those things wen my hubby confronted her. I want to live with him peacefully and happily. I want to go seperate. I don't feel like goin home @ all. I hav come outta deppression recently but now I again feel so bad and after ofc I go n sit in temple till the temple closes so as to avoid goin to that hell. Please help.

It becomes difficult.....

I'm 23 years old. I got married in 2010. I was vary happy with my marriage. As time passed, I felt that I found myself very lonely in the family. My MIL and FIL both have the same kind of thoughts. They have lots of expectations of me. I'm not able to fulfill all their desires. For this reason, they often criticize me to my husband in my absence. It makes me very angry and I'm frustrated with my in-laws. My husband's behavior also changed. What should I do?
—Guest priyadutta

Where to start?

I have been with my husband for 25 years and still feel uncomfortable around his sister. Her and her family are so into football. I know nothing about it and to tell you the truth, I don't care. My husband has two daughters (both adults). The older daughter he had not seen since she was a young girl. Her and I talk on Facebook, and I posted some pictures of her grandmother and grandfather. Her grandpa had polio and spent most of his time in an iron lung. I also added a newspaper article about him. She got upset with me for doing this. Then, one time, I was trying to get to know her better and began telling her about my life and when I met her brother. I went on to tell her how hard his ex-wife made it on me when it came to his younger daughter. Nothing I did was good enough. His sister went on to defend my husband's ex-wife. Things have not been the same since. Should I just wash my hands of her? I do not put my husband in the middle of it.
—Guest Dawna

I am lost

I am a simple girl with simple dreams. I got married in March 2009, but my in-laws - both of them - are very dominating and wanted things done their way. They want me around all the time, from 7 in the morning and 11 at night. They never want my husband and I to be alone. Whenever we do try [to get privacy], we fight with my mother-in-law. My father-in-law has severe diabetes, and he keeps abusing me, but he completely changes in front of my husband. Please tell me what to do.
—Guest priti
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