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Readers Respond: The In-Laws' Bizarre Behavior

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Every newlywed has that moment, where he or she notices the quirk in the in-laws, the traditions or behaviors that seems downright bizarre or maybe even wrong. Even if you have the nicest in-laws in the world, you still probably don't always fit in with them or find some of the things they do to be weird or wrong or just different from how you and your family behave. This is perfectly normal. But it's both entertaining and healthy to dish about the crazy in-laws. So, what bizarre behavior had you thinking your in-laws were crazy or at least a little different? Tell Us about the In-Laws

Run as fast as you can

I am married 28 years and I have a very dominating MIL. We moved 2,000 miles away for our retirement and who buys a home 1 1/2 hours away but the SIL whom my husband is not close to and now who is moving to be near the SIL and 1 1 /2 hours away but my MIL? I feel extremely manipulated and played by this whole family. I love my husband, but I wish when he proposed 28 years ago I would have run as fast as I could away from him and his family. I have taken so much disrespect from this family and even though my husband agrees he has a pretty passive attitude.
—Guest Susie

miseries unlimited

We were happily married before my in-laws shifted to our place. I was working and my husband and I were adjusting. Now, my in-laws came and poisoned my husband's mind against me. I told them to stay out of the house for a few days and now they come back again. I invited my parents when my husband was on site and once he came back, they posioned his mind again against my parents, too. My FIL says I have mental problems and asked my parents to take me away. Now, I am 3 months pregnant, and they don't want their son to be close to me. So, they are torturing me, and FIL says that he wants me to be under his control. My husband keeps our lives in his hands; he is spoiling our happiness and ruining our lives.
—Guest guest

In laws

I have a mother and step father in law. They are secretly trying to make me walk away from my wife to be. They are slowly degrading me as a man. They are making me put everything in her name. He's even going to the point of putting her under his benefits. She is pregnant, and due in February, but I don't know how much longer I can take this. There's more to this story, but I just think giving them the winning hand is better. This is getting far too ridiculous. Any advice out there? Infantry_0804@hotmail.ca
—Guest Big Schiffy

My Husband is Too Good for His "Family"

MIL called my "fiance" at the time a "M-effer" and "Eff You" "I hate you!" and FIL said to my husband "Never come back here, I don't want to see you again!" and my husband actually forgave them! My family would NEVER EVER IN THE WORLD talk to me like that! That is NOT love, and I wouldn't ever talk to my husband like that, because I actually care about him! He doesn't realize that he's too good for them and that he needs to remove them from his life. If my family ever talked to me like that, I guarantee you that I would never see them again! It's just childish, immature, and proves just how much of an adult you are. Oh! and the in-laws have 3 little children, and they have no filter! They obviously don't love their kids and they definitely don't have God in their life! Those children will never know who God is! I actually called child protection services on in-laws before, but I never told my husband about it. They curse worse than sailors, and I'm ashamed that I call them "in-laws". That's NOT FAMILY.
—Guest I hate In-Laws

worst father-in-law

I have been married for 11 years now and I live with my in-laws .I have three loving boys who are very busy. My father-in-law never approved of me being his son's wife, but we got married and we are happy. My father-in-law always comments that my husband could marry another woman. It goes on so now and then. Let me get to the point: my two boys love to draw and cut papers, so they found patterns of my in-laws in the yard that laid there for years and they started cutting them. They got in trouble with their dad but that wasn't good enough; their grandpa came in the kitchen and said, "Where did you get these children? Where do they come from? They are bastards." He said to me, "Your children will become troublemakers if you don't guide them properly." Everthing was just me, me, me. They are my children. I got so upset. I threw the dish cloth on the floor and said, "But this is not fair. I am not the only parent here." He came full force to hit me and luckily I stopped him. He pointed his finger right at me.
—Guest girly

I think I have Y'all beat

OK, so my MIL opened my wedding presents. My husband's mother and sister are the craziest most passively aggressive people that have ever been in my life, and everytime I have to see them I feel like running away and frantically try various excuses to get out of it. The last straw for me was our wedding. He is my second husband, which may make some people say OH, I get it. But I am a good wife and have been good to him since we have been together. We were together for 5 years before he proposed, and engaged for another year and a half. I planned the wedding for a year, and put all the blood, sweat, and tears that I could into planning a wedding in his hometown 9 hours away. Now he lives with his mother and is starting a business in his hometown and we are living in different states. I honestly can't handle being around his mother or sister. They are terrible and tried to ruin our wedding, did not help with any of the planning.
—Guest OMGoodness

My In-laws

My husband and I have been together five years and married for three. I, once upon a time, was a happy fun loving person. Mostly because of the actions and things that my in-laws have done, I can't say I like who I am. I don't enjoy life anymore. I watch every move and word I say around my in-laws. I have a baby with my husband. With our life now, I wish we would have never met! It's hard saying I allowed people to make me this way. I was so happy. Now, I'm so miserable. I love my baby with all my heart. I felt the same way for my husband, but now he doesn't stick up for me when something rude is said. I try so hard to be friendly. I take care of everyone, but somehow I feel like it will never be good enough for any of them. I've contemplated divorce, but I don't want my baby without united parents. It's hard. I just don't understand or know how to handle what my life is now. I think I am emotionally so deep into trying to make everyone happy. What should I do?
—Guest ccc

Crazy FIL

My in-laws come and stay with us for a month at a time. When I told them a month was too long to visit, they bought a permanent trailer and put it in our backyard as a solution. However, the trailer had no running water, so thy were still in my house from sun up until sundown every day. My FIL is terrible. He is insanely controlling and has OCD. All meals must meet his specific requirements (no sodium, no sugar, etc). He goes through our kitchen and pulls out which pans and utensils he deems worthy for us to cook with, and those are the only things we are allowed to use while they are here. He throws buckets of water on my dog's head if he barks, or does anything to upset my FIL. He will also lock the dog in his kennel for long periods of time. He is insanely controlling with our daughter. When she was a baby, I would lay her in her crib to nap. He would immediately go and take her out and wake her up. Last time they were here, he screamed expletives at me for 20 minutes, for no reason. Crazy!
—Guest Asommers

Stereotypical in-laws

Really don't know where to begin. My hubby and I dated for 11 months, and we were engaged for 9 months and have been married for 3 months. These have probably been some of the worst months of my life. We can't even have a single weekend without his parents e-mailing/texting/calling asking to get together or asking about our lives. It's incredibly intrusive and annoying because they really don't have a life outside of their children or their jobs, which they both hate. FIL is most definitely a compulsive gambler, controlling, OCD, manic or bipolar and jokes about how my MIL (his wife of 36 yrs) doesn't eat. She's seriously depressed and you can see they have a horrible marriage. FIL ruined our minimoon by calling/texting us and got in a huge fight with hubby because we didn't give a speech at our wedding. I'm a very confrontational person and have to explain to my hubby that it's his job to build this "wall" because right now they're not allowing us to grow, and I'm not interested in seeing them because of this.
—Guest Xiena


My mother-in-law originaly came to assist me and my wife after our fourth child was born. She offered to leave after the child was only six months old, but due to the lack of child-care services within a reasonable walking distance from our home, I asked her to stay. Nine years later, she won't budge an inch or return home to our country of origin. She claims she has gotten used to the quiet life in our host country. My other kids, are totally confused now, mainly because the granny challenges me at every opportunity when I attempt to discipline my youngest daughter, who now knows that she is untouchable as long as her granny is around. My own wife has threatened to leave should I request her mother to leave our home. And anytime I mention my own mother coming over to visit, I am always asked, where will she stay? And that if I requested my mother-in-law to leave that would be the end of our marriage. I am disappointed, perplexed and helpless.

the whole family is nuts!

When I first met hubby's family seven years ago, they seemed wonderful. Everyone seemed so loving and fun. And then I got to know them. Everyone bashes everyone else behind their backs while acting sweet as pie to their face. They're all critical and vindictive, not to mention dramatic and manipulative. They absolutely thrive on creating drama and discord. My husband is nothing like them. He's kind and caring and is never harsh to anyone. I don't understand how he came from a family like that. My father-in-law is a compulsive liar, and my mother-in-law is the most manipulative, two-faced person I've ever met. My grandmother-in-law shot my grandfather-in-law in the stomach, for goodness sake! That's not normal! I'm at the point now that I've decided to separate from them completely. I've tried so many times over the years. I wanted us all to get along but that just isn't going to happen.
—Guest over it

Who would've thought???

I always knew that my MIL had issues with me in general before her son and I even got married. Recently, due to her health problems and some personal marital issues we all thought it would be ok to live under the same roof, boy was I soooo wrong. Mother and son get along great. When I'm not around she even has made his dinner and lunch, which was my responsibility before my husband enlisted the help of his mom. Lately, I've been getting a creepy vibe from her. She looks at TV with the volume on 5 and complains when I turn my TV to 25 that's it too loud, and she can't hear her TV. In reality, she can't hear what's going on between her son and I. If we are too quiet, she'll walk into her room and just stand in the middle of the floor to hear what we're saying. I'm scared to take a shower at times because you can hear a pin drop once it's over and time to dry off. My husband seems unfazed but as for myself I wouldn't have ever thought I'd be living in the house of horrors.

My crazy sister in law

I was very close to my brother-in-law for many years. He would call and ask for advice, and he would spend his military weekends with us. He married a girl who is an absolute nightmare. They bicker and belittle each other. She accused him of having an affair with me. The first time we met her, she slapped him across the face. Three kids later, he isn't going to leave. Rather, the family, expects my husband and I to make the relationship work with them. Despite repeated attempts to repair misunderstandings, mistakes we've made, etc., my SIL is the first to talk behind my back and further perpetuate conflict among the four of us. Out of respect for my BIL, I am cordial. But each time, she pulls the dagger out and stabs me in the back some way. It is always something I or my husband have done wrong. We should visit them on vacation time, so the cousins will know each other. They think we shun them because we choose family vacations vs traveling across the country to be with them.
—Guest Ccjean

controlling in-laws

First of all, my husband and I are very young, and we had a child young. I'm 18, and he is 21. My mother-in-law loves to gossip and cause drama in our relationship. And my father-in-law loves to control every situation. When we first moved out of their house when I was four months pregnant, they would call and ask if every bill was taken care of. Then, once I had my son, they became the type who would always ask my husband if we needed a babysitter for the morning because I have an issue with over sleeping, mainly because I'm so stressed from having had a newborn and having no job. Then, they both voluntarily come over, as if they are checking up on us. My biggest issue is they didn't even want us getting married and now I feel they are trying to split us up. What should I do to make them back off?
—Guest Victorya

Is my husband a mama's boy?

We have been married for three years now, and we have a child together with my two own daughters. I have noticed that my husband always mentions his mom, since day one. For example, "My mom cleans this like this." And "She does that like that. She has a heart just like her mother, she loves to provide for people, and needed nothing for herself, etc." But things got worse since we've been married. We bought a house, which is just a five-minute drive from my in-law's house (as i thought it would be a great help when we have another child). I had a good relationship with my in-laws before we got married , but now I am fed up. I feel that my mother-in-law loves to get involved in a lot of things in my private life. And my husband loves her, and stands up for her in most cases. They phone each other almost every two nights, and they always have lots of things to talk about. I first thought my in-laws are weird, but it's just that my husband is the one who initiates these calls and interactions.
—Guest vivian

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The In-Laws' Bizarre Behavior

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