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Readers Respond: The In-Laws' Bizarre Behavior

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Every newlywed has that moment, where he or she notices the quirk in the in-laws, the traditions or behaviors that seems downright bizarre or maybe even wrong. Even if you have the nicest in-laws in the world, you still probably don't always fit in with them or find some of the things they do to be weird or wrong or just different from how you and your family behave. This is perfectly normal. But it's both entertaining and healthy to dish about the crazy in-laws. So, what bizarre behavior had you thinking your in-laws were crazy or at least a little different? Tell Us about the In-Laws

Cut the umbilical cord already!!!!

My MIL is the single biggest dimwit I've met in my entire life. The character limit precludes me from adequately illustrating the reasons for calling her that, but I'll attempt a snapshot: She calls my wife 4 times a day, at minimum, even though we live in the same small town and see each other at least 3 times a week. She's got an ongoing Ambien addiction which she justifies by citing her "fibromyalgia". She has been sent home from work for being doped out of her tiny mind, all the while insisting that she "only takes it so she can go to sleep." Right...because you need to sleep at 1 in the afternoon. My wife has to do her parents' banking because, apparently, the finer points of basic math elude them. Seriously, they bring her their bills, and my wife sits down and pays them. My in-laws are in their 50s. They're not 90-year olds in a nursing home. My MIL constantly tries to seem relevant by buying the newest stuff, only to become dumbfounded by things as simple as an iPhone.
—Guest Fed up with family-in-law


My husband was the best thing to ever happen to me...until we moved to his mom and dad's house. My FIL came on to me when my husband was in the kitchen and my MIL was at the store. I immediately told my husband everything that was said and he told me not to say anything to my MIL to make our stay as comfortable as possible, so I listened. But it eventually came out and now it's hell being here. I feel so uncomfortable. My SIL told me my MIL calls her saying I'm trying to be like her with my hairstyles and I tried to sneak in their room with my FIL. All of this is completely untrue. I would never hurt my husband that way and on top of that I'm not that type of person. I feel like the family looks at me as if I'm the family whore lol it's not funny but I need to laugh at it. Not to mention how I hold my bladder until I almost pee myself, and I stay in my hot, hot room with no air conditioning all day until they go to sleep, then I will get something to eat. Please give some fedback I ned advice.
—Guest fedup

dad,mom,brother in law are always judgin

Ok, so my mom in law is always judging me about every single thing. She is crazy religious. I am Catholic and I respect all religions. Somehow, I was always judged by my religion. So, for three years, I went to my wife's church and I tried to fit in, but every single day people gave me bad looks. People said things on purpose to piss me off and said things about my wife on purpose to piss me off. But I ignored it all, even though I really wanted to fight some of these people or tell them off. Her mom would not allow for us to date so we dated secretly and finally moved in together and got married! However, she is controlling and her mom, dad, and brother all make comments and do things on purpose to piss me off, and its not fair. I never have told them anything and they have never truly accepted me and always bring up things they know I don't like. Now, I just don't want to go to visit them anymore because they constantly attack me. What do I do?
—Guest judging in laws

My in laws are bout to not like me

Okay, my wife and me are about to have a child and her parents are over here every weekend. She tells her mom about every dime she spends and then her mom babys her everyday. I think my wife still has a kid's mind, and I didn't know this until after marriage. She thinks her mom and dad are smarter than everyone. It pisses me off that she wants her mom to know every aspect of her life. She told me she doesn't want me to put our baby crib together because her dad is better than I am at doing these things. I beg to differ. It's every father's job to put his son's crib together. I need some advice. I'm to my breaking point and about to cuss my in laws out.
—Guest Wayne1991

FIL and SIL problems

I am African and my wife to be in a week is African American, we are expecting a child and we decided to get married. At first I have huge problem with my FIL because I was African and he said so many inappropriate things to me. I confronted him and he apologized but after he heard we are getting married, he started saying bad things behind my back. My SIL is in a controlling relationship and it pisses her off that her sister couldn't control me!! I see some traits of being controlling in my wife but I never gave her the chance to; now I am thinking maybe I should call off the wedding or stay if the problem is never going to be too much. I will appreciate all advice or enlightenment.
—Guest Joe

My Awful In-Laws..

My hubby and I have been married for 10 months now and are still figuring out how to deal with his parents. His relationship has always been strained with his parents and I believe he is still deciding what kind of relationship he wants with them. I hope he decides soon, because I don't know how much more of them I can take. They never approved of me, his dad didn't come to our wedding, and his mother made a big scene before our ceremony, along with sending me foul Facebook messages before our wedding trying to *scare me off*. (They are major control freaks).. I can tell she is grasping for any control she can have with my hubby, it's pathetic. I can deal with them being lousy toward me, but they are awful toward him. Constantly criticizing and emasculating him to anyone who will listen, they are very negative. He is normally a upbeat, fun personality. But when they start belittling him he completely shuts down and it breaks my heart. I just want them out of our life! JERKS!!!!
—Guest GuestGirl

we both worked five days a week

Father and mother said we were not cleaning the oven or stairs. We washed all the dishes and put them back. Our room was spotless. We were told that we used too much gas. We were out everyday and used the house just for sleeping. My father-in-law had a temper and he battered my husband. I never forgave him after that. He thought I could forgive, but I cannot.
—Guest king

in laws problem

I am seriously fed up . I always wanna make my relation healthy but my mil is a mental case. She complains about me being annoying to her daughter's all the time . My fil also thinks that, and that they are good and not me. I'm trying my best but I still lost everything. If I said nothing to my husband he is stupid and screaming to me and to his parents and all my efforts go to waste. They think I'm wrong . My sil doesn't like me. She is jealous of me, and doesn't even talk to me. She even abused my parents but still I don't won't to break ties with her. But don't know? They all think I'm wrong. I don't know what to do to reduce my husband's stupidity. I'm the only daughter of my parents, and I have only one brother. I wanna commit suicide even, but I can't do it because of my own family. My husband loves me so much but still he is stupid. Because of him every thing happens.
—Guest shiny

stupid in-laws

I am so fed up with my wife's family. They suck all the time away from my wife. My wife and I don't have much time together since she spends all her time with her family. I hate her family for taking my wife from me. They themselves have caused me to dislike my very own wife. When i look at my wife, I see her nasty looking blob of sister that she has. Every morning is the same with my wife's sister calling her to see what they are going to do today. It's like what the? Go and get a life with your own family and leave my family alone! My family is my wife and daugthers and myself, nobody else, and i mean nobody else matters.
—Guest George Lopez

Their New Grandkid is Dead to Them

Their loser son, my brother-in-law, had a baby with his now ex-girlfriend in the next town over. (Real small town, living where they are; they all go to same church!) Brother-in-law, who is a meathead, refuses to acknowledge his new baby girl, and his parents support his decision. They are keeping this a secret from meathead's other two children, who are 10 and 12, and from the grandparents, who see baby's family at church. We are expected to keep this secret as well. And they love meathead's new potato-face girlfriend, who is fine with his abandoning child, because she is really unattractive and desperate to hook a meathead. In-laws LOVE potato-face. It's nauseating. Extended family asks in private why in-laws are denying this child who they all see around town. No answer except that f-in-law is an alcoholic and m-in-law is dumber than dumb, still living in her past as small town beauty queen. I don't want my five-year-old around them and their dysfunction.

gross live in FIL

We messed up! My in-laws just went through a nasty divorce. they were going to sell their house that is a large 4bed 2bath. My husband of 4 years and I made an offer on it, so that my FIL didn't have to find a new place in a hurry. Worst decision ever! He won't leave. This was a year ago, and he refuses to let us change anything in the house. My husband travels a lot with work, so it's just me, my FIL and our two year old. I saw him give my baby a shot glass of coke 10 minutes before bed time. Then, he laughed an hour later when he was running around like a crazy child. He cuts his toe nails at the table and was flossing his teeth next to my baby while he was eating. I can't take much more. My hubby thinks I just exaggerate this because he isn't home and refuses to ask his dad to move.
—Guest manda


I've been married now for almost 7 months to my wife. We got married September 3, 2013. She fell ill in October. Now, we are having to live with my in-laws. I sat by her bed in the hospital while I thought she was dying , THANKFUL SHE DIDN'T . Fil praised me , now he swears at me. We were happily married but that's driven a wedge in between us. Saddest of all, my wife says that's just how he is . COMMENTS WELCOME
—Guest 73Corvette

what do i do??

Due to work distance which really long I live in a hostel near my workplace while my husband lives with his family. He kind of has to because he is the eldest with no father and 2 siblings. Long story for why they cant move to where I live. However, he makes sure that he visits me in the evening and spends some time with me before I head to the office. I visit my MIL over the weekends, and here is where I have the problem. She always starts a fight when my husband and I go out alone. She has directly and indirectly shouted with anger because we are going out. So my husband and I had an arrangement that we will go out alone only on saturdays and every sunday we go out as a family. And believe me when I say we go out as family sundays either for movies or dinner or simply at least an ice cream. Most of the time, I pay. Today, we had a discussion where my MIL started with my hubby that I and him go out everywhere and never bother to take to the same places. She came out very strongly that my hubby
—Guest urenigma

Give me right ans

I have been married for 7 years now. For the last 9 months we have been living with my in-laws. I have one loving boy; he is 3 years old. I'm my husband's second wife. My in-laws never approved of me being their son's wife, but we got married and we were happy. Before we got married, my husband was doing well with work. Now, he isn't. We are dependent on my in-laws for money. He does not understand how to servive our life. He does not give me money for my expenses. He said ask my mom to give it to you. I love my baby with my all heart. I take care of everyone but somehow, I feel like it will never be good enough for any of them.
—Guest Guest riya


I agree with some posters. If I knew about my girlfriend's family I would have never gone out with her. They manipulate me and put me down, insult me, they treat me like I am dirt and love when anything bad happens to me. If I wrote a book about it most people would not believe how horrible some of their acts and deeds were. Note, if her family is bad leave, LEAVE! It's not worth it unless you relocate to a different country or somewhere far lol. There is not enough space to type out this story to do it justice so I can't tell you all as much as i'd love too.
—Guest Bob

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The In-Laws' Bizarre Behavior

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