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Readers Respond: How have you celebrated your husband's or wife's birthday?

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Any day of the week can be special when you're married. But your birthday -- or the birthday of your husband or wife -- should be extra special. You can celebrate a birthday with a romantic outing for just the two of you or surprise your spouse with a party, replete with family and friends. Tell us how you and your husband or wife celebrate birthdays. What did you do on the best birthday you've had so far with your husband or wife? What made the birthday so special? Here are your best birthday ideas: Share Your Birthday Ideas

his best birthday

It was his first b-day after getting married. I ordered for him a special teddy from 'myteddy' website, I orderd a cake in a shape of his initial from the cake shop, I bought him a watch, pen, and wallet, wrapped them and put them on a stand decorated with roses. When he came to home, the living room was filled with balloons and in the center of the table was the cake and candles, on the bed with flower petals it was the stand and the teddy. He loved the teddy very much. Don't forget to dress nicely with makeup and hair, and the most important thing is the smell of you and the smell of the place.
—Guest tota

Birthday ideas

I bought some lingerie from an online sex shop, and we had dinner at his favorite place. Need I say more?

31st b-day

On my hubby's b-day, I baked him a cake and gave him a full-body massage. He just loved it. I followed this up with a night he would never forget.
—Guest me


This is my husband's first birthday since we got married two months ago. I want to make it very special. Please help me out with some ideas.
—Guest thiyagu


I am planning for a special way to celebrate my hubby's b-day. I need your suggestions. Please help.
—Guest yhiyagarajan

surprise bday party with freinds

I arranged a surprise b-day party for my husband by decorating an empty house of one of my relative's. I called all his friends, and he came at 12 o'clock midnight and he was very much surprised... because he didn't expect a party in a relative's house.
—Guest palavy jindal

my future husband lives far away

I need your help. I need special ideas to celebrate his birthday even if he is far :( :(
—Guest hind

After this he will Adore you!

I wanted to surprise my hubby and decided to make the most unforgettable birthday party, something different, no hotels or presents but something that would make him feel really happy. So, I bought a pinata, yes a Mexican pinata, invited very distinguished people, and barbecued delicious steak with golden potatoes. I turned up the stereo and invited everybody to dance around the pinata and each guest took a turn at hitting it (the pinata, of course!). Every person in turn had his eyes covered which made the scene even more fun. That night everybody went back home with a huge smile and they are still laughing now. And my husband always approves my crazy ideas since he laughed until his stomach hurt! Try it! You will really enjoy it!
—Guest Veronika La Charra


I am planning for a special way to celebrate my hubby's b-day. I need your suggestions. Please help.
—Guest Appu

31 gifts for 31 years

Oct 21st is my hubby's 31st birthday. I want to present 31 gifts to him. So, please help me asap. Give me some ideas.
—Guest mrs.saranyakannan


my husband's birthday is August 19. I bought him one shirt, one bag, one lion toy because he always says I am a lion and we'll have cake. money but i would like celebrate grandly
—Guest sowmiboobathi

birthday tips

give some tips for surprise birthday my husband birthday comes on 28th august 2013
—Guest pushpa yadav

i gave him a surprise

It was my hubby's birthday on 17th of November. I was puzzled as to what I should give him. I went to a courier and sent a heart-shaped yummy red cake with a bunch of red roses. When he got them at his office, he was very surprised and texted me thank you sweetheart. His colleagues ate up the whole cake, and he was happy.
—Guest sadaf asif

What I'm going to do

I booked a one-night stay at a hotel. It's a gorgeous place. After the sleepover at the place, I'm taking him for a big, amazing breakfast. Then, we're going to the zoo. He loves loves animals. Then, the aquarium, followed by lunch on a boat cruise. When we get home he will find a big prezzie waiting in the living room and another more intimate one in the bedroom. LOL.
—Guest ZD

surprize birthday gift...

I celebrated my hubby's 31st birthday by giving him 31 of his favorite things as gifts. He was surprised a lot, and it was his most memorable day.
—Guest tulips

Share Your Birthday Ideas

How have you celebrated your husband's or wife's birthday?

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