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Readers Respond: How have you celebrated your husband's or wife's birthday?

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Any day of the week can be special when you're married. But your birthday -- or the birthday of your husband or wife -- should be extra special. You can celebrate a birthday with a romantic outing for just the two of you or surprise your spouse with a party, replete with family and friends. Tell us how you and your husband or wife celebrate birthdays. What did you do on the best birthday you've had so far with your husband or wife? What made the birthday so special? Here are your best birthday ideas: Share Your Birthday Ideas

my most memorable b'day

I woke up on my birthday as usual , my husband sleeping by. With sleepy eyes I went to the washroom to freshen up. I picked up my tootbrush and behold there was a very romantic birthday card, I smiled and came out to see my hubby smiling. He hugged me tight, he kissed me. Then I went to my wardrobe to change and I found another lovely card. Then, it happenned the entire day, in my kitchen cabinet, on my dressing table, in my purse, under my pillow, on the dining table, and many more. After each card, my hubby would smile at me and say, "I love you." Actually, he got up early in the morning and hid the cards while I was still asleep. And he gave me a beautiful dress as gift and we had yummy dinner at a restaurant. That was my best birthday ever.
—Guest naheda

Baby Shower turn surprise party

My sister and her husband share a birthday. Two years ago my sister was pregnant, and we decided to have her baby shower on their birthday and we turned it into a surprise party for both of them. We got them to take the baby shower gifts home, while they were gone, we set the building up for their party. We had a banner made with both their pictures on it and we put it up so that when they came back they would be surprised and they were. It was so nice, everybody was in tears. When they walked in we had Stevie Wonder's happy birthday song playing. Talk about a unforgettable night.
—Guest lakesha mcmillian

my hubby's special birthday

It was my husband's first birthday since we got married Oct. 23. I hope I made it special by giving him a diamond ring, which he loved very much. I also bought him all new everyday attire, including accessories, such as watch, shoes, sandals, wallet, everything. I aimed to make him feel like he is also very new to this world on his birthday.
—Guest Latha

My husband bday

I'd like to celebrate my husband's birthday in the center of the beach. Any ideas?
—Guest me

Surprise for hubby

My husband's birthday is today but the surprise party was yesterday. I told him I had invited our neighbors to celebrate his bday. What he didn't know is that I had also invited his co-workers. He tried to invite some, and I made sure they said they could not make it. So here we were, hanging with our neighbors, and then all of a sudden his friends came in! He loved it!! He never suspected and really liked it. It would be hard to do a 100% party, especially because he helped to have everything ready, but he loved the surprise My neighbors also new about the surprise just my husband didn't. We had a great time. I was very concerned about something going wrong, but it all worked perfectly.
—Guest Lori B

Dinner Around the World in 7 days

For my 50th birthday my husband made a booklet with a different theme for every evening, and every day for a week he took me to a different themed restaurant for a special birthday dinner. Evening 1- Our favorite French restaurant. Evening 2- A great Italian restaurant. Evening 3- An authentic Irish Pub. Evening 4- A Japanese hibachi Evening 5- Our favorite little Mexican joint Evening 6- An old fashioned Polish place Evening 7- A Brazilian Churarascaria It was all fantastic! We couldn't do a birthday trip as we wanted to because of conflicting work schedules, so he came up with "Dinner Around the World in 7 Days." It was creative and fun. I wish I could come up with something equally imaginative for his 50th.

Nature Loving

For my husband's birthday I pretended I forgot about his birthday and took him hiking, mountain climbing, and bike riding. At each place we went I said,"I feel like I'm forgetting something. Wait, don't tell me...It's...Nope. Gone." All the way until we got to the top of the mountain and where I popped a customized fire cracker that said,"Happy Birthday Baby. I Didn't Forget." After it popped, we shared a romantic moment and then his family members came out from behind the bushes and trees and we walked to the beach and enjoyed a fun birthday bonfire. All because he loves the outdoors and nature :)
—Guest Lora

Weekend cruise

I reserved a Harley-Davidson bike for my husband since he has his motorcycle license and has always wanted a Harley. We rented it for the weekend and drove up to a cabin up in the mountains. Great weekend for the both of us. Remember to pack light!
—Guest Jen

Birthday Surprise

I want to some ideas for my husband birthday party because this is very special for me please give me some suggestions.
—Guest sonam

ultimate massage

For my wife's 45th birthday I have a planned weekend getaway to 10,000 waves in Santa Fe. Her birthday is on a work week, so she will get a birthday balloon each day on and after her birthday with a small massage related gift attached up until the weekend. She thinks she is going to a hotel locally for the weekend, however her bags are packed and airfare tickets ready. Happy birthday baby.


Married 40 plus years and all my husband buys is a birthday card.
—Guest Ann

Birthday coupons

Since I don't have a lot of money but really wanted my husband to have a nice birthday I made him a coupon book with 10 coupons. Each coupon was different with the exception of one coupon, which allowed him to reuse one coupon. I put things like 20-minute back massage and he could choose what he wanted me to wear while giving the massage, dinner of choice, sleep-in day without having to get up with the kids, etc. I did make some rules to it though, limited to one coupon per day, this way he would appreciate the coupon he used that day and pick wisely. (Also, I wouldn't be exhausted.) And this way, he felt his birthday wasn't here and gone; he could enjoy it for a few days using the coupons. It was a free gift he absolutely loved.
—Guest Justine

perfect surprise(s)

My husband hadn't even said happy birthday that morning before he left for work. I called him at work to see if we were doing anything that night, so that I would be ready and he kind of said he'd think something up and I should arrange for a sitter. I wasn't too happy about this and his non-chalant attitude. So, we got the kids in the car that night and he pulled into McDonald's. (I was on the verge of tears). Afterward, we took the kids up to my mom's house for her to babysit. And as I start to bring the kids inside, my whole family jumps out and surprised me! I enjoyed everyone's company and loved the surprise! Then, it was time to go home. Pushing the front door open, I see candles lit everywhere. My sister is a massage therapist and she'd left the party early to secretly set up her massage table at my house! I got a great massage and felt so happy. Then, he gave me a gift. It was an outfit I'd wanted but had never told him about! Loved all these birthday surprises!
—Guest swight

Husband's Birthday Surprise

For my husband's birthday, I made him a nice meal on the table with candles and then a little while later, I had taken a shower and came out like I normally do in a robe. But under the robe I was wearing this really sexy corset and had handcuffed him to the bed, so he couldn't move and then I put a blindfold over his eyes and told him I'd be right back and went in the guest bedroom, where I had another girl who joined us. I gave him what he always wanted. He loved it.
—Guest Star

Fu - Pool Party

This a must share. For my husband's birthday, I had planned a pool side party. I told him that this time it would be just the two of us and my daughter. He did not like the idea. Every birthday his sisters and a childhood friend would come over. I actually invited his entire family (about 26 people, by the way) - only he did not know it. For the entire drive, his face was long. When we reached the venue, his face was a picture - the entire family was there in full attendance. After the party, the three of us stayed over at the resort and enjoyed two full days of the weekend. Absolutely cool if I say so.
—Guest Mom

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How have you celebrated your husband's or wife's birthday?

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