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Readers Respond: How have you celebrated your husband's or wife's birthday?

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Scavenger Hunt Birthday Suprises

I did a scavenger hunt for my husband He was so surprised! I made him these little silly clues on paper hearts that he would have to find. At each place we went to (Borders, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Aeropostale, His moms house, My moms house) There was a present waiting for him at each location. Until the very end at my moms house where we had a suprise birthday for him. HE LOVED IT!
—Guest J.B

Birhtday Surprise

This a must share. For my husband's birthday, I had planned a pool side party. I told him that this time it would be just the two of us and my daughter. He did not like the idea. Every birthday his sisters and a childhood friend would come over. I actually invited his entire family (about 26 people, by the way) - only he did not know it. For the entire drive, his face was long. When we reached the venue, his face was a picture - the entire family was there in full attendance. After the party, the three of us stayed over at the resort and enjoyed two full days of the weekend. Absolutely cool even if I say so.

Birthday Barbecue

My husband's birthday was May 29th and we had a BBQ at my mother-in law's home!!! It was perfect, he was happy and it was low cost!!!!
—Guest Christina R.

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How have you celebrated your husband's or wife's birthday?

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