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An Hawaiian Wedding

Share Your Story: How Did You Meet and Marry?

By Tiffany Russo

An Hawaiian Wedding

The amazing view of our wedding ceremony in Maui

An Hawaiian Wedding

This picture captures our wedding colors perfectly

Your Favorite Wedding Moment and Why

My favorite moment is when I walked down the aisle toward my new husband-to-be. My brother-in-law and family friend were playing our favorite song "Oh, it is Love" on an acoustic guitar and ukelele. The location was breath-taking and weather perfect. He weeped during my whole walk down the aisle.

What You'd Change and Why

I would not change a thing about my wedding day. Although at the reception, the sound did not work for the wedding video so we improvised with my Ipod. But, "Buffalo Soldier" by Bob Marley didn't go too well with serene views of Hawaii and our wedding vows. But it gave us something to laugh about!

Your Wedding Song

Our wedding song is "Oh, it is Love" by Hellogoodbye. It is an acoustic song, which gives the beachy feel of our wedding, and it describes our relationship perfectly!

My Wedding Story

Out of the 4 years that Jon and I dated, we had a tradition to always take pictures in the photobooths in the local malls. So, during one of our dates we jumped in one.

Like usual, we smile for the first one. Then he pulls out the ring and says "Tiffany Vicars will you marry me?!" So the rest of the pictures have his proposal and my reaction :) Not only is it so adorably cute, it means something for us because that's our little thing we do together! AND he surprised me which is really hard to do! It was so special!

Our Wedding

My dreams of a beach wedding since I was a little girl brought Jon and I to an unforgettable destination wedding in Maui, Hawaii with just us and our immediate family! The moment I stepped foot on the $14 million estate where the wedding ceremony was going to take place, it took my breath away and I teared up. This was where I was always meant to get married. The bamboo canvas alter with flowing white sheers was placed in front of a cliff about 50-feet wide overlooking black lava rock, gorgeous blue turquoise waters, and the island of Molokai. My wedding day was the most magical day I have and ever will experience. My new husband could NOT keep it together when he saw me in my gorgeous dress walking down the aisle. We cried and smiled at each other through the whole ceremony with excitement and love for our new marriage!

A few weeks later we had a wedding reception back home in Sacramento, Cal. for our extended family and friends to join us for a big party and celebration! The colors were blue, white, and black for the blue ocean, crashing white waves and black lava rock. I edited the wedding video myself and had it ready in time to show all of our guests at the reception a little bit of our magical Hawaiian wedding. The pictures were finished and hung various places around the reception venue. Another special addition was the photobooth we rented for all of the guests. It was just like the photobooths we take pictures in the mall at, the same kind that Jon propsed to me in! After the guests took pictures, the strips came out in duplicates so instead of a traditional guest book, the guests glued in one of the duplicates and signed a note next to it in the guest book. The other side of the strip they kept as a favor from the wedding.

I have been told countless times that my wedding was the most beautiful and unforgettable wedding one has been to, or seen pictures of. It will remain the best day of my life for as long as I live.


  • Out of all the business and stress of a wedding day, take the time to the cherish your day and cherish your new husband/wife, it will be best day of your life, try to remember it.
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