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Reader Stories: How Did You Meet and Marry?


Share and read about wedding stories -- from the engagement to the last dance at the reception.

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A Simple and Sweet Wedding

We didn't have a big wedding at all, it was small with a few family members and a few good friends. I opted for no bridesmaids, yet just a maid on honor, to assist me. Steve opted for the same with n…More

Destination Wedding in Scotland

We wanted to marry outside of the U.S. where we lived, especially because we are both big travelers and had lived all over the world. We ran into so many problems with our different citizenships (he'…More

Wedding with Italian Flair

Our wedding was very classy and romantic. We chose white and burgundy as our wedding colors. I had a white Alfred Angelo (1136) gown, hubby was in a tux. My Maid of Honor wore a burgundy Jordan Fashi…More

College Sweethearts Wed

Our wedding was a team effort from start to finish. Matt's parents and mine were both very involved. It was a good learning experience in how to do something successful as a family. You hear a lot of…More

Weddings - The Perfect Day

We were married in Huntington Town House, in Huntington, N.Y. We'd invited 100 people. Our invitations were a gift from my husband's boss, a printer. We were married on a Sunday afternoon. We were ma…More

Wedding - Match Made on Match.com

Our wedding was at The Lighthouse Inn in West Dennis, Mass. on June 19, 2010. The Lighthouse Inn is a blast back in time. It has the feel of a '50's summer resort. We had our ceremony at the beach in…More

Wedding - Backyard Bash on a Budget

Our wedding probably cost less than $250 in total but I've never felt it's about the "bash", it's about the ceremony. Whether it takes place in an opulent ballroom in front of 500 guests, or in a bac…More

Wedding - Eloping in Las Vegas

So We drove from San Diego to Las Vegas that friday, got our license there that evening and got married in a drive through on saturday morning. We spent the weekend in the city. We did not gamble 'c…More

Wedding - A Childhood Love Story

What made my wedding special to me was that 1. my grandparents and jay's grandfather were alive and present. Most of our friends and family were able to attend. But for me, even with everyone there, …More

Wedding in the Supreme Court

I happened to be in the National Guard and knew a General who happened to be chief justice of the Oregon Supreme Court.He agreed to perform the ceremony. We happened to be married in the Oregon Supre…More

A Grand Hindu Wedding

It took place on 12th May 1980, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India it was in the summer holidays and all my relatives attended, and it was the first wedding in my wife's family and all her relatives came…More

Vow Renewals Galore

We decided to have a very simple wedding at the County Recorder by the Bay in San Diego. We took photos at the Star of India and had a lovely lunch at Anthonys Harborside. On the way home we had Slur…More

Dream Wedding

When I was 20, I'd been to a relative's wedding and loved the venue. I remember thinking that I would love to get married at the same place. A couple of months before the wedding we were scurrying fo…More

Wedding - Saving the First Dance for Hubby

I was so mad when I was pulled out of that car I was going to leave but I realized it wasn’t his fault. It was my sister and best mans fault. I really wanted to marry David. So I calmed down an…More

From Hospital to Wedding

My first marriage, and his second, we were an unusual couple to say the least. A significant age difference between us, and differences in our past lives was fodder for speculation to frame it nicely…More

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