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Newlyweds fight most often about money - from who should be earning it to how to spend it. Avoid the fights by learning how to handle money, whether to have joint or separate accounts, overcome debt, create a post-nuptial agreement, and decide who will work.

Learn How to Handle Your Money
Learn how to better handle your money, so that you and your spouse fight less about personal finances, support each other's careers, and prepare for the future.

How to Stay Tuned to Your Finances
Learn how to stay tuned to your finances no matter how boring these practical matters seem.

How to Spend Your Money
Get advice on how to decide where to spend your money without ending up in divorce court.

How to Save for Retirement as Newlyweds
Learn how to save for retirement, even as newlyweds and even though it seems as though it's a lifetime away.

5 Must-Know Mortgage Facts
Learn some must-know mortgage facts before you leap into marriage and buying a home together.

7 Mistakes of Newlywed Home Buyers
Discover the common mistakes of newlywed home buyers, so you can avoid them and buy your dream house with a minimum of headaches.

6 Money Mistakes Newlyweds Make
Discover the common money mistakes newlyweds make and consider ways to avoid them.

Why You Need a Prenuptial Agreement
Find out why you - even if you're not among the world's wealthiest - need a prenuptial agreement to protect your marriage now and in the future.

How to Create a Family Budget
Learn how to create a family budget to manage your finances, save more money, and better plan for the future.

Spenders Versus Savers
Find out how to stop the money fights if one of you is a spender and the other is a saver.

Stop the Money Fights
Money is one of the issues that causes the most fights between couples. Stop the money fights by getting your finances in order now.

Money - Tips on How to Save Money
Give and get tips on how to cut spending and expenses and save money.

Save Money on Your Bills
Find out how to save on your bills, including those for groceries, heat and electric, water, phones, and credit cards.

Money and Couples - Who Should Wear the Pants in a Marriage?
Sure, we'd all love it if couples were truly equal. But usually one person takes the lead, and everyone has an opinion about who that person should be. Tell us who you think should wear the pants in a marriage -- and find out what others are saying.

What Is a Family Trust?
Find out what a family trust is and how it might benefit you as you and your spouse commit to estate planning and prepare for the future.

Tax Help for Newlyweds
Learn whether filing a joint tax return with your spouse is best for you, and get other useful tax tips.

Couples in Business Together
Find out whether you have what it takes to work with your husband or wife at home and on the job, and get advice from couples who are running businesses together.

Share Your Story of Working Together - Couples in Business Together
Tell us about the business that you run with your husband or wife, how you manage your relationship and working together, and any other advice you have for others who might be considering going into business with their spouse. See submissions

Discuss Money with Your Spouse
Find out how to discuss money with your spouse without arguing.

How to Pay Off Wedding Debt
Learn how to come up with a plan to pay off your wedding debt and improve your finances.

Spend Your Cash Gifts from the Wedding
Whatever should you do with all the money you received as wedding gifts? Turn the cash into the gift that keeps on giving by investing it wisely.

Should You Have a Joint Banking Account?
Find out about the pros and cons to having a joint banking account, separate banking accounts, or a combination of the two.

Do You Need Life Insurance?
Find out if you need life insurance and how to get the best type and price for life insurance for you and your family.

25 Ways Newlyweds Can Save Money
Discover 25 ways newlyweds -- and families -- can save money.

6 Ways Newlyweds Can Save Money
One of the biggest problems newlyweds have with money is that there’s never enough of it. But there are some small lifestyle changes that can put more money in your pockets and less stress on your marriage. Here are some suggestions for saving funds together:

4 Ways to Cut Back on Spending
After spending lots of money to get married and get started on your new life together, you’re probably looking for ways to save money. It’s not as difficult as you think to cut back on your spending, cut corners, and live on a budget. Here are some ideas on how you can save money – and still fulfill your newlywed desires – from taking romantic...

Find Me a Job, Honey
"Find Me a Job" teaches you how to best help your unemployed spouse find a job and achieve his or her career goals.

How to Support Your Unemployed Husband or Wife
What happens if you get married and your spouse loses his or her job shortly afterward? Unemployment can happen to anyone at any time. If it happens to your spouse, especially early in the marriage, it can be devastating.

Getting laid off or fired, besides being a downer, can lower ones self-esteem. The now unemployed person feels as though he let down is employer, family, and most o

When Work Gets in the Way of the Relationship
Find out when you should put your foot down and help your spouse make a career or job change.

How to Support Your Spouse's Career
Find out how to support your spouse's career, help him or her achieve goals, and, as a result, have a happier marriage.

Financial To-Do List for Newlyweds
Find out what tasks you and your partner need to complete to get your finances in order now that you are married.

How to Talk to Your Spouse about Money
Learn how to talk effectively with your spouse about money issues.

Joint or Separate Checking Accounts?
Decide whether to have a joint account with your spouse or keep your finances separate.

What to Consider When Buying a House
Discover what you should consider when buying a house to ensure that you get the best deal possible and move into your dream home.

How One Couple Stopped the Money Fights
Learn how one husband and wife overcame their differences - he was a spender and she was a saver - to stop the money fights before they ruined their marriage.

Are Your Workaholic Tendencies Ruining Your Marriage?
Discover how working all the time can break up a family and destroy your marriage.

Signs of Financial Infidelity

How to Save Money with Coupons
Find out how to get started using coupons to save money.

How to Confront Financial Infidelity
Find out what happens when one spouse commits financial infidelity and lies to the other about purchases and other money-related issues.

Unemployment and Your Marriage
Get advice about how to deal with unemployment in your marriage from someone who lost everything, including his wife, when he lost his job during the 2008 financial crisis.

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