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How to Keep Love and Passion Alive in Your Marriage


The cornerstone of a good marriage is love. And sex is one of the ways you express the love you have for your spouse. You need both love and good sex to keep your marriage strong. That's why it's important to discover how to maintain love and romance in your relationship, and what you can do to continuously improve sex for you and your spouse.
  1. How to Spend Quality Time Together
  2. Honeymoons
  3. Tips for Improving Sex
  1. How to Be Romantic
  2. Celebrate Anniversaries and Holidays
  3. Common Marriage Problems - And Solutions

How to Spend Quality Time Together

Life is short, so you should do whatever you can to spend as much quality time with your spouse as possible. Nurture and grow your relationship with date nights and romantic getaways. Find alone time, too. You'll discover that if you better balance your time, your relationship will reap the rewards.


Honeymoons don't have to cost a lot of money. Honeymoons are simply an opportunity for newlyweds to spend time together, replenish themselves after the hoopla of the wedding, and get started on their journey as married people. After all, your first chance to indulge in each other -- and have great sex -- as husband and wife is on your honeymoon.

Tips for Improving Sex

Sex, like anything else, can always be better. Even newlyweds can fall into a rut or might want to try new things to keep the relationship -- and the sex -- fresh and interesting. There's nothing wrong with experimenting with your spouse in the bedroom and doing what you can to spice things up and maintain passion.

How to Be Romantic

Resentment, which builds when one spouse starts taking the other for granted, can kill a marriage. Newlyweds can get off to the right foot by promising to remain thoughtful and considerate of one another's feelings -- and never forgetting how much their partner means to them. One way to show appreciation for one another is by being romantic. It takes some effort but it's well worth it.

Celebrate Anniversaries and Holidays

One of the best parts of marriage is celebrating your love. There are so many ways for the two of you to celebrate and commemorate important dates and holidays. A little creativity -- and some inspiration -- is all it takes to come up with ideas on how to celebrate with one another.

Common Marriage Problems - And Solutions

Marriage can be challenging. There are marriage problems -- from fights with the in-laws to money -- that most married people face. Newlyweds sometimes feel as though their relationship is in crisis when marriage problems arise. But, often, there are ways to confront the marriage problem and find a solution.

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