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10 Signs Your Spouse Is In the Mood for Love


Married people often acquire their own language. But it can take years to understand what every wink and nudge means. The easiest way for newlyweds to start understanding their spouse’s secret body language is by beginning with the simple stuff – signals that your husband or wife is in the mood for love. Here are 10 signs that you’re going to get lucky tonight:

1. Hungry for You

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He or she begins nibbling on your ear and kissing your neck during the commercial break.

2. Secret Encounter

You’re at a dinner party and your spouse plays footsie with you or holds your hand under the table.

3. Googly Eyes

There is a room full of people but your husband or wife only has eyes for you. He or she is giving you the look despite everything going on around you.

4. Happy Feet

Your spouse takes you for a spin and dances with you cheek to cheek.

5. Birthday Suit

Your husband or wife is walking around the house in nothing but a bathrobe and a smile.

6. Sealed With A Kiss

A passionate, movie-like kiss greets you at the door.

7. Holding Hands

Your spouse takes you by the hand without saying a word and leads you to the bedroom.

8. Will Work for Love

He or she completes chores you usually do, so that you will have more time for other things. Wink, wink!

9. Rub You the Right Way

When your husband or wife massages anything – from your feet to your back – he or she is hoping it will lead to something else.

10. This Bed Is On Fire With Passion and Love

Making a fire or lighting candles is a definite sign that your husband or wife is looking for romance.
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