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How to Write a Love Letter


Love letters are a simple and affordable way to communicate your feelings to your beloved. Married people should get in the habit of sending love letters as a way to keep passion alive, and show each other you're not taking your love for granted. It's the simplest, yet most meaningful, gift you can give to your spouse. Here are some tips for writing an effective and romantic love letter -

Choose the medium.

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Nowadays you have many options for delivering your love letter - e-mail, text messages, video messages, or traditional snail mail. You should mix it up and send love notes through all these mediums. Who wouldn't enjoy a surprise text message saying how beautiful she looked in the morning in the middle of a hectic day? But the traditional letter written on paper in one's own handwriting still packs the biggest punch. It says, "You are important enough to me to take the time to write down my feelings myself without the help of any conveniences."

Be honest.

A love letter is your chance to express your deepest feelings. If you're having trouble getting started, answer the following questions truthfully - why are you attracted to this person? Why did you marry him or her? How does he or she improve your life? Just honestly share your feelings, and you should be fine.

Give credit if you borrow words.

With the Internet, you can easily find famous love quotations or song lyrics. Although your own words make for a stronger love letter, you might successfully incorporate love quotations, poems, or song lyrics, especially if you choose something meaningful to the two of you. Use these quotations sparingly and credit the original author. Your husband or wife knows you didn't write "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways," so don't insult his or her intelligence by trying to pass it off as your own.

Leave your mark.

If you and your husband or wife have your own language (an inside joke only the two of you know, sweet nicknames, etc.), use it in the letter. Spray the letter with your perfume as a signature, a way to show that this letter is from you. Leaving your mark is also a way to show the intimacy and bond the two of you share. It makes this love letter unique to the two of you and not to be confused with any love letter received from an ex.

Be sexy, not vulgar.

A love letter is meant to demonstrate your passion in a romantic way. This is not to be confused with describing something you saw in a pornographic film or using four-letter words. Even if you get off on dirty talk, you should refrain from using it in a love letter. Love letters should be more, "I'd like to make love to you in the moonlight" than "I'd like to blank your brains out."

Avoid cliches.

Dotting your "i's" with hearts and using overused phrases, such as "Your eyes shine like stars" don't usually work. These kinds of cliches make the person feel like the letter could have been from anyone, and the writer didn't feel like putting in much effort. You want the person reading your love letter to feel like the most important person to have entered your life. Writing from the heart and avoiding cliches is key to making the reader feel extra special.

Conclude with verve.

A great way to end a love letter is by sharing your hopes for the future. "I imagine us growing old together, sipping our favorite espresso from a swing on our porch while surrounded by our grandchildren." You don't have to focus on the long-term future. You could write about the near future, too. "I long to kiss you when you arrive home from work tonight" or "I can't wait to fly with you to the Bahamas for our anniversary because we will be able to dance in the moonlight just as we did on our wedding night." Offering a peek at the future shows your commitment to the relationship and should help the reader get excited about what's to come for the two of you.

Sign the love letter.

Be sure to sign your love letters with love and hugs and kisses. You could ruin the letter by signing off with a formal "Yours truly" or "Best" or "Cheers". This is a love letter, so it should end with "Love" or "Love always". Make your John Hancock memorable, too. Your literal signature can be big with flourishes, and it too can show that this love letter is uniquely from you and you alone.
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