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6 Ways to Keep Warm -- and Have Hotter Sex


When the nights are cold, newlyweds don't have to be shivering from the dropping temperature. They can heat things up in their own bedroom. With a little intimacy -- and a few products that will bring you closer together -- you'll feel like it's a balmy 90 degrees, even if it's snowing outside. And all that sex will give you the glow of someone who's just been to the tropics. Here are six ways to keep warm -- and have hotter sex:

1. Godiva Hot Chocolate Sampler

Couple having cup of coffee together
Tim Hall/Cultura/Getty Images
Curling up on the couch together with mugs of piping hot chocolate will get you feeling warm inside. Some marshmallows on top will sweeten the deal. If you bring some chocolate sauce to this party for two -- and lick it off each other -- you'll have even more fun.
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2. Mink Faux Fur Throw

Mink Faux Fur Throw - Pricegrabber
Invite your husband or wife to get cozy under a faux fur blanket. Even if you're naked, you'll still be good and warm.
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3. Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace - Pricegrabber
An electric fireplace is a great way to have the romantic feel of a real fireplace without the fear of something catching fire or the mess. Not having to worry about the fireplace upkeep or leaving the flames burning while you're distracted leaves a lot of time for sprawling out on the floor in front of the fireplace and making love to your husband or wife.
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4. Warm Bathrobes

Turkishtowels Turkish Bathrobes - Pricegrabber
Want to feel like you are wrapping yourselves in luxury even when you're home? Pick up his and hers spa bathrobes and then give each other massages. You'll be as relaxed as you were during your honeymoon.
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5. Towel Warmer

Towel Warmer - Pricegrabber
Taking a hot bath together can certainly set the right mood for love. It puts your mind and body at ease -- and it's super romantic, especially if you light a few candles and use a rose-scented bubble bath soap. Getting out of the tub and feeling cold can ruin it all. But a towel rack that warms up your towels can keep you on track. Get a really big towel that you can share for more romance.
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6. KY Yours + Mine

Yours and Mine Lubricant - Pricegrabber
Body heat is a great way for newlyweds to keep warm in the cold -- and heat up their sex life. With KY Yours + Mine or other lubricants for couples, you can create a warming sensation inside and out while making love. Now, that's one way to keep things steamy and hot!
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