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20 Free Date Night Ideas


Even newlyweds who are trying to save money should be able to continue dating and courting each other. Luckily, you don’t have to spend money to prove your love for one another. In fact, you could go on dates without spending a dime. After all, the best things in life are free, including love and romance. Here are 20 free date ideas – and be sure to add your own suggestions by clicking on the Readers Respond section at the bottom of the page:

1. Window Shopping

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Strolling down Main Street or your local mall and fantasizing about what you would buy if you had money can be a lot of fun. You could imagine yourself as a tycoon who wears only Armani or a Sex in the City kitten in Manolo Blahniks. The best part? You still have some cash in your pocket when this shopping trip is done. You'll also have a new appreciation for your reliable and cheap jeans and a T-shirt.

2. Make Out Session

Act like a couple of teenagers and make out with one another on your couch. Hugging and kissing is one of the most enjoyable pastimes for a married couple. You’ll feel closer and have some fun.

3. Exchange Love Letters

Each of you could write down exactly how you feel about one another. Then, get together in bed or the kitchen table and exchange your letters. Read them in front of one another – out loud if you’d like. A few loving words can perk up your day, make you feel secure in your relationship, and make your heart sing.

4. Go to the Park

Most of the towns in the U.S. have a park within walking distance. There is nothing more liberating than a ride on the swings. You could push each other or snag swings right next to one another and just laugh and talk like you were little kids again. You can also hang from the monkey bars or take your turn on the teeter totter. Can you say, “Weeeeeeee”?

5. Head to the Beach

For a day at the beach to be free, you have to either go in the off season, which can be quite enjoyable because there are fewer people there or go to a public beach that is free to all. A walk down the beach at sunset is most romantic but going during the day for a swim in the ocean and building a sand castle can be a whole lot of fun, too.

6. Watch TV

Some people may say that television is the boob tube and that it kills your brain cells. But others would argue that it’s one of the most enduring forms of entertainment. If you fall into the latter group, turn on your television and begin making dates to watch your favorite programs. You and your spouse might make catching CBS’ NCIS on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET a standard appointment. Cuddle while you watch – and discuss the plot twists afterward.

7. Play Games

Just about everyone has a board game or video game somewhere in his or her home. Take out those treasures and get ready for some friendly competition. You could play Monopoly, Pictionary, or even tic-tac-toe or hang man, which only require pencil and paper. Tetris and Mario Brothers are a blast from the past that could reve up your night in.

8. Picnic at Home

Put an old blanket or sheet on your living room floor and come up with recipes for whatever you have on hand in your fridge and pantry. Set the floor with your finest china or paper plates – whatever you prefer – and then feed each other as though you were in a beautiful park on a sunny day.

9. Dance All Night

Who needs a night club to boogy? After all, you have already met your soul mate and don’t need to flirt with strangers at the bar. Move your furniture out of the way and get out your best mix of music on the iPod and dance all night with your husband or wife.

10. Get Wet

If you have a tub, take a bubble bath together. If you have a shower, lather each other up. This could lead to all wonderful sorts of erotic happenings and it’s always sure to relax a married couple. Besides, you have to get washed anyway.
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