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7 Ways to Make the Honeymoon Last


Your honeymoon was probably glorious. The two of you could finally reconnect now that the worries of wedding planning were safely behind you. Being the center of attention and looking forward to a life together usually inspires romance, not to mention great sex. Now that you're home, you're probably wondering how you can make those feelings endure. Even though you've returned to real life, you can still maintain romance. Here are some suggestions for making the honeymoon last:

1. Celebrate Your Monthly Anniversaries

Every month on the date you were married, do something special for one another. Write each other love notes or make rose petal trails to the bedroom. Commemorate the months leading up to your first anniversary as a way of remembering all the fun you had on your big day and how happy you are to finally be married.

2. Make Time for One Another

Once you’re married, you can easily take each for granted. Instead of falling into that trap, make time for one another. Continue to go out on dates, have dinner together at home, and talk with one another about everything from the mundane (“My boss bought us pizza today because we completed that big project.”) to the important (“I think we should start thinking about having kids.”)

3. Dream Together

Each of you can write down your top five hopes and dreams for the future and exchange them. Sharing these thoughts gives people something to look forward to and lots to discuss.

4. Seal Everything with a Kiss

Kiss each other lovingly and often. Make it a point to kiss your partner at least three times a day. It’s good for your health, and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

5. Express Yourself

Before the wedding, because the planning serves as a reminder of your feelings, you probably find yourself expressing your love for one another often. But after you’re married, real life has a way of getting in the way of love and romance. It’s easy to get into a rut and forget to share your feelings. Do you and your spouse some good by saying, “I love you. I want you. I need you” loud, proud, and often. People want to feel loved and they want to give love – and satisfying these basic human needs can be built into your marriage if you choose to be thoughtful and expressive on a regular basis.

6. Make Love

Making appointments for sex might not sound romantic. But it is sometimes necessary (for those people with really busy schedules) and it can be fun. If you send each other sexy messages leading up to your rendezvous or circle the date on your partner’s calendar with red lipstick, you can build anticipation, which will lead to better, more passionate love making. You’ll feel like your back on the honeymoon in no time.

7. Recreate Your Vacation

If you want to bring your honeymoon destination into your home, then go right ahead and do it. If you went to Hawaii, prepare a luau for your spouse. If you went to Paris, translate a love note into French. If you went camping, set up a tent in the backyard. Get creative, be free, and love each other.
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