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How to Be a Better Kisser


Kissing your spouse passionately and regularly is good for your marriage – and even your health. (Kissing causes extra saliva production, which washes bacteria off your teeth, helps you lose calories, and is a proven stress reliever, according to the Indiana University School of Medicine Sound Medicine Web site.) But kissing the same person over and over again for a lifetime can become predictable. Here are some tips for putting the spark back into your kisses whether you’re newlyweds or you’ve been married for what seems like forever:

Freshen your breath.

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Just because you’re married does not mean hygiene should go out the window. While your spouse has to get comfortable with the real you, he or she does not have to suffer. Brush your teeth before puckering up, refrain from eating onions, garlic, or other overpowering foods, and do a breath check to make sure you won’t offend your spouse.

Think beyond the lips

It’s true that your lip is full of nerve endings, which is what makes kissing so electric. But you don’t have to limit yourself to the lips. The most beautiful kisses start with a nibble of the ear or a caress of the neck.

Sometimes, it’s okay to bite.

Those who lightly bite their spouse’s lower lip are usually rewarded. Gently sucking on the top or lower lip for a couple of seconds is not bad either.

Circle the lips.

Lick your partner’s upper and lower lips in one continuous motion.

Use your hands wisely.

While kissing, brush the cheeks of your partner’s face, tightly embrace him or her, or let your hands gently sweep his or her lower back. Let your bodies be your guide.

Educate your tongue.

Roll your tongue around your partner’s. Flick the bottom of your tongue against the top of his or her tongue. But never stick your tongue too far into your spouse’s mouth. It’s completely unpleasant for both parties, and it usually just results in one person gagging.

Come up for air.

Take a breather if you’ve been kissing for a while. This prevents you from passing out and also gives you a chance to swallow your saliva, so your kisses are not too wet, which can be really disgusting.

Clear your mouth.

Finish chewing whatever you’re eating and get rid of gum before smooching. It’s the courteous thing to do.

Be dramatic.

Dip or lift your partner during a passionate kiss.

Find inspiration.

Choose a beautiful setting – the beach at sunset, a lush garden, atop a glorious cliff – to lay a big kiss on your beloved.
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