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Is Your Sex Life Boring?


Most married couples have to admit that sex isn't always good. And even when it's decent (read: you both stayed awake) it usually can be better. We're either distracted, exhausted, or without time for sex. Still, it behooves us to make sex a priority. Having even better sex more frequently would not only put the zing back in our marriages, but it would put the smile back on our faces. Like any other problem, the first step is fessing up to the fact that change is necessary.

So, grab a pen and paper, and jot down your answers to the 10 questions below to find out if you need to spice up your sex life. Choose one answer only for each question. After you respond to the questions, you'll find your score and some valuable tips on how to make nookie more fun.

How long does foreplay usually last for you and your spouse?

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A. What foreplay? We get right down to business.

B. Five to 10 minutes

C. Thirty minutes

D. One hour

Where do you usually make love?

A. The bedroom

B. The couch

C. On the rug

D. Anywhere we can – from the kitchen table to the top of the washing machine

What position do you and your spouse usually rely on?

A. Missionary

B. Reverse cowgirl

C. Doggie style

D. We mix it up, so it’s hard to name just one

How would you describe your orgasms?

A. What orgasms?

B. Average

C. Superior

D. Wo baby!

How comfortable are you with your body?

A. Totally self-conscious

B. Somewhat self-conscious

C. You are mostly content with your body

D. Feel completely free and satisfied with your body

How would you describe your ability to communicate your needs to your spouse?

A. It’s embarrassing to express my needs and desires.

B. Once we get past the initial embarrassment, we usually open up about what we need and desire.

C. We’re fairly open to discussions about sex, even taboos.

D. We find it easy to show and tell each other just what we want.

What’s the most unusual sexual act you and your spouse have tried?

A. Oral sex

B. Moves you saw in the Kama Sutra

C. Anal sex

D. All of the above

How would you describe your attitude about sex?

A. I still have many inhibitions, but my spouse and I are enjoying overcoming them together

B. We actively pursue ways to make our sex lives more interesting and fulfilling

C. We are happily satisfied with our sex lives

D. We’re wild

How would you describe how you feel after having sex with your spouse?

A. Lacking something

B. Loved

C. Satisfied

D. Carefree and without stress

What is your greatest hope for your sex life?

A. That both of you enjoy love making and you both reach orgasm

B. That you can communicate your needs better

C. That you discover new ways to please one another

D. That you make a spiritual connection with one another during sex
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