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How to Buy Lingerie for Your Wife


Lingerie is a personal and sexy gift for your wife. A sexy pair of panties or silky robe sends the message that you find your wife irresistible and that she is the subject of your sexual fantasies. "Lingerie can be pretty and it can be sexy," writes Lucia Corvelli, CEO of Femmelulu, a lingerie company in Rome, Italy, in an e-mail. "Whichever style it always makes women feel absolutely amazing because it is incredibly feminine." But with so many options, sizes, colors, and styles, it can be hard to find the right lingerie to give as a gift. Here, Corvelli shares tips on how to pick the perfect lingerie present -

Know your wife.

The first step in buying any thoughtful gift is paying attention to the likes and dislikes of the person receiving it. Recognizing your wife's style and preferences is a must. Does she wear thongs or bikinis? What kind of bra does she like - demi, push-up, complete coverage? You also need to know her sizes for both panties, nightgowns/pajamas, and bras. Not paying attention to your wife's taste is a mistake. "If you would like to avoid this mistake, just sneak a peek at her lingerie drawer," suggests Corvelli. "You can't go wrong." While the gift should be something that she would not necessarily buy for herself, it should still be something she'd be willing to wear and that will fit her.

Pick a store.

Once you know what kind of lingerie your wife would most appreciate, you can decide where to go to find it. Corvelli's company provides custom-made Italian cashmere lingerie. Department stores, such as Macy's, Nordstrom, and Kohl's, offer a variety of panty/bra sets and some silky pajamas. Frederick's of Hollywood provides more colorful, naughtier lingerie, whereas Victoria's Secret lines can be either elegant or playful. Prices vary, so you should check out their Web sites to see what's in your price range first.

Don’t come off as a pervert.

Guys are often shy about entering a women's lingerie department or store because they worry what others are thinking of them. Both the people who work in the store and fellow customers realize that most men enter to buy gifts for someone. So, you can relax. Browse and look at the items as you would any other. If there's something you are seriously considering, feel free to pick it up, get a feel for the fabric, and look at the sizes. Refrain from shouting, making inappropriate jokes, or being in any way immature about it. Making a scene is what would make people think you're a pervert or weirdo.

Ask for help.

Shop attendants want to make a sale, and most of them will happily help you if you ask. Tell them what you’re looking for and about how much you’d like to spend. Share the size restrictions and the style you think your wife would like, and they can lead you in the right direction. While a helping hand is good, don’t let them pressure you into buying something you don’t like or is out of your price range. Just like anytime you enter a store, the customer is still always right.

Seek quality.

Your own eye should tell you if a piece of lingerie is of high quality or not. If it looks like it would fall apart in your hands or easily tear, then it’s probably not the good stuff. But you can also feel what you’re considering buying. "I think anyone in the world, whether you have any fashion sense or not can tell the difference between polyester and silk by simply touching the fabric," writes Corvelli. Obviously, custom-made lingerie or certain brand names should come with guarantees about quality and the standards with which it is made. Try not to confuse a high price tag with quality because the two don't always go hand in hand.

Choose wisely.

When it's time to make the final decision, take your time. While you should consider your wife's taste and what you'd like to see her in, you should also pay attention to what flatters her body type. (If you're not sure, you can ask the shop attendant to help you.) If you're still unsure, you can follow a few simple guidelines. "Buying black is always a good idea because it flatters everyone," writes Corvelli. "Anything cashmere, silk, or satin usually does the trick."

Pick lingerie for her.

Yes, you should get turned on by the lingerie you are picking for your wife. But remember that this is a gift for her. If you think the leather hot pants and handcuffs are perfect, but you know she'd rather have a black lace nightgown, then buy her the black lace nightgown. This will be a gift for you, too. If you pick something she likes and in which she feels sexy and confident, she will be appreciative and you're more likely to see her in it. "Buy something feminine, pretty, and sexy," writes Corvelli. "This is usually what women like. They like to feel like women."

Give the gift with style.

Handing her a plastic bag with the lingerie replete with price tag could ruin the entire gift and occasion. A special gift should look special. Removing the price is a must. Including a hand-written card is always a nice touch. Corvelli created a signature box for her line of lingerie. Her preference: "I personally like lingerie wrapped in soft tissue and nestled inside a hard simple box with a gorgeous hand-tied bow." If your intentions are good and you present the gift in a sweet way like this, you're more likely to convince your wife to model the lingerie for you. Then, lingerie becomes a gift for the both of you.

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