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Fall Date Night Ideas


When the air turns brisk and the leaves start changing, you might find yourself in the mood for love, which could have you seeking fall date night ideas. The season provides all sorts of lovely opportunities for getting out in the fresh air and taking full advantage of fall's bounties. From late September when the kids are returning to school to October as Halloween approaches to November when Thanksgiving arrives, there is plenty for couples to do that inspire romance and love. Here are just a few fall date night ideas-

1. Hay Rides

Fall in the mountains by bike - Karl Weatherly/Getty Images

There is nothing quite as fun or romantic as a hay ride in the fall. You and your spouse can get cozy in the back of a truck or on stacks of hay. Sometimes, the hay even seems to motivate a make-out session, that is if you can get away from prying eyes. Whether pulled by horse or tractor, you'll remember this ride for years to come. You can look for hay rides in your state with a simple Google search.

2. Corn Mazes

Finding your way - or getting lost on purpose to steal a kiss - in a corn maze is a magical way to enjoy an afternoon. Some of the corn mazes are elaborate, many of them are haunted in the days leading up to Halloween, and all of them provide hours of fun. You can your spouse can try to tackle the maze together or turn it into a friendly competition, chasing after one another to see who finds the way out first.

3. Pumpkin Picking and Apple Picking

Why not pick your own pumpkins or apples? Many farms allow people to come and pick their own pumpkins or apples from their gardens. Often, there are other activities, such as hay rides or corn mazes or pastry shops on site that serve pumpkin or apple pie and other treats. Grab a hot cup of apple cider and your spouse's hand and get to picking. This is a date that keeps on giving because after you pick the items, you can make all sorts of goodies with them at home - from jack-o-lanterns to apple fritters. If you do it together, that's a second fall date night idea right there.

4. Following Fall Foliage

Those who are up for a road trip might consider riding through the parts of the country (think New England) that are best known for their colorful fall foliage. You can stop to take pictures of the two of you with the pretty crimson, burgundy, yellow, and orange leaves in the background. Then, you can stay at a hotel for a change of pace and make a weekend of this fall date night. Before you leave, be sure to pick up a few leaves to press in a book and save as a memory of this time together.

5. Haunted Houses

With Halloween playing a major role in the fall, you might find yourself wanting to put a bit fright in your life. A haunted house is a great fall date night idea because you and your spouse can seek comfort in each other's arms with every ghost and ghoul you encounter. It might also put you in the mood to celebrate Halloween by dressing up in costume or taking in scary movies, which might also have you hiding your eyes in your spouse's shoulder as you cuddle on the couch.

6. The Winery

Fall is the season for wine making. If you go to a winery during this time of year, you are likely to witness the vendemmia or grape picking and learning about the first steps in making wine. You'll likely also get to sample good wine and delicious cuisine (or at least snacks to pair with the wine). If you forget to spit out the wine as you're asked to do at many wineries, you might get a little tipsy - and even more in the mood for love. Oooh, la, la!

7. Visit Pilgrims

Many states have farms or museums that allow visitors to take a trip back in time. Here, Pilgrims and Indians are just meeting for the first Thanksgiving. You have to play along with the actors who are cooking, cleaning, and dressing up as our ancestors did as they settled America. You'll learn about America's favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and you might even pick up a recipe or two. Some of these historical reenactments also include candle making or soap making, which means you could go home with a new skill and a souvenir.

8. Fresh Turkey

Who says you have to buy a frozen turkey from the local supermarket for Thanksgiving? You can pick a turkey from a farm and have it killed by a professional butcher to ensure an authentic and fresh Thanksgiving dinner. You and your spouse can then cook the meal together - and wow family and friends. Those who find the idea of choosing a turkey to lose his life to be a morbid fall date night can pardon a turkey, much like the president does, by fixing up something else to eat entirely. Whatever you do, make sure to spend time together. That's really all that matters.

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