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3 Ways to Improve Newlywed Sex


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Newlywed sex is supposed to be continuous and good and full of fun. But the honeymoon phase ends far too quickly for many of today’s couples. Many newlyweds who want to maintain their sex life are also contending with longer-than-ever work hours, paying off wedding debt, and sometimes raising children. In addition, most of them had sex with one another long before the wedding night, and their sex life might already be in a rut. All is not lost, however. Here are three simple ways to improve newlywed sex tonight:

1. Divulge Your Fantasies

You’re married now. One of the perks is that you should be able to tell each other anything without embarrassment or judgment. Over a romantic dinner for two, share your sexual fantasies and discuss whether any of these could be fulfilled or if it’s best they remain fantasies. Wishes, such as incorporating food into sex, might require less conversation and thought than a threesome, for instance. You and your partner have to discuss where to draw boundaries and what’s right for you both. Even if you don’t end up fulfilling the fantasy, just saying it out loud to your spouse could be erotic and could help heat things up between the two of you.

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2. Be Daring

Spice up your newlywed sex life every once in a while by surprising your spouse. Something as simple as putting candles on the table at dinner or sending a racy text message might help you break out of a sexual rut. If you eat chocolate ice cream everyday, you will eventually get sick of it. The same is true with love and sex. You can’t feed your spouse the same dish all the time – even if it is dessert. You have to mix up the menu from time to time to awaken his or her taste buds.

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3. Kiss and Touch Each Other Often

Kissing is an entryway to sex. Some married couples get so caught up in everyday chores and responsibilities that they forget to kiss and touch one another like they did when they were dating and engaged. The excitement wears off when this happens. Often, one partner feels as though the other has lost sexual interest. Without foreplay, you’ll never have sex – or you’ll have really bad sex. To stay connected to your partner – and keep up your levels of desire – you must kiss and hug and touch as often as possible. These tasks, in fact, should be the most fun part of your daily to-do list.

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