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101 Expressions of Love


The song was right. "What the world needs now is love." If you pay close attention, especially to your marriage, you'll notice that you express your love in hundreds of different ways. Love truly is all around you. Here, you'll find a list of 101 ways that people express their love -- and by clicking on the link at the end of the page, you can share even more stories of how you or someone you love has expressed love.

1. Say, “I love you,” in any and every language from English to sign language to Swahili

2. Hugs

3. Kisses

4. Butterfly kisses

5. Write a love letter or e-mail

6. Do someone else’s chores or errands for him or her without expecting anything in return

7. Share a dream with someone else

8. Have sex with his or her pleasure in mind

9. Orgasm at the same time

10. Caresses

11. Tolerate someone else’s hobby or passion because you know how much it means to him or her

12. Learn to love someone else’s family like your own

13. Take a journey with someone

14. Support someone’s desire to better him or herself

15. Feed someone else both literally and figuratively

16. Hold hands

17. Surprise someone

18. Give a thoughtful gift

19. Receive a gift with gratitude

20. Care for someone who is ill

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