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6 Warning Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating


2. New Obsession with His Looks

Perhaps, your husband was the type who spent Saturday afternoon lounging on the couch in his sweatpants, and now he's getting dressed up and disappearing for a few hours on his day off. If he has suddenly gone from couch potato to gym jock, something fishy might be going on. An unusual or excessive amount of attention to one's looks could be a sign of an affair, says Spring. Your husband might not just be trying to emulate David Beckham and other pretty boys; he could be beautifying himself for other ladies.

3. Change in Sexual Behavior

This is a tricky warning sign. Both more sex and less sex are signs that your husband could be cheating, says Chauppetta. Changes in sexual performance, including a desire to try things, such as various sexual positions, you've never done before can indicate your husband is cheating, says Spring. If you used to do it like rabbits and now your husband barely kisses you hello, he might be getting sex elsewhere or he could be feeling guilty about an affair, which is keeping him from you. The level of intimacy in your marriage is something couples continually have to work on, and changes in sexual behavior could have other implications, such as mental or physical health problems. That's why you should never ignore sex problems.

4. Unexplained Absences and Fuzzy Details

A husband who is gone for long periods of time without explanation or offers you little detail about his whereabouts could be trying to hide something from you, says Spring. For example, she says, that a husband who tells you he has a business trip in San Francisco but can't give you hotel details before leaving is probably lying. (Indeed, the majority of Chauppetta's infidelity cases have his crew following people on business trips, he says.) Extra time spent with the boys or at work can also be signs of an affair.

Your spouse might be lying if he is sweaty, looking away from you, turning the table on you, or unusually nervous, says Chauppetta. You'll eventually catch your spouse in the lie, he says, because often cheaters talk too much. "If you're going to cheat, you shouldn't tell anyone," says Chauppetta. "When people cheat, however, they start to have feelings, and that's the problem."

5. Mood Swings

Affairs and the guilt that sometimes comes with them can cause all sorts of emotional turmoil and stress. As a result, cheaters can go from blissfully happy to downright grouchy in zero to 60. If you're noticing extreme mood swings, says Spring, your spouse might be having an affair. Arguments that erupt over nothing, unusually cranky behavior, and even extreme, out-of-the-blue happiness might all be signs of infidelity.

6. Your Own Gut

Often, spouses will have a sensation deep inside them that something has changed with their partner. Often, your gut will tell you the whole story, says Chauppetta. People sometimes ignore their own intuition because it doesn't seem like solid evidence. But you know your husband. "Spouses know their partner better than anyone else does," says Chauppetta. "Look for things that are out of the norm." And listen to your gut when it tells you something is wrong.

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