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Guide to Cooking with Recipes


Newlyweds often feel a strong urge to nest, which means, among other things, trying recipes and cooking with one another. For those who know little about cooking, the process can be exciting but also overwhelming. You might be wondering, “What if I poison my spouse with my cooking and recipes ineptitude?” Fear not, dear newlyweds. A little effort, some smart recipes, and a bit of education are just the right ingredients for cooking success. Here is a guide to cooking with recipes that can turn you into the master of your kitchen in no time:

Prepping to Cook

Before you can actually make a meal, you have to prepare your work area and have all the necessary equipment (and know how it works), not to mention ingredients. Here you’ll learn how to get ready for the process, so you can hit the ground running when it comes time to make that first recipe. The nice thing about this advice is that it tells you how to do all this together as a couple. Think of cooking as a date night activity. Just don’t heat things up too much in the kitchen or you risk burning the meal or skipping it all together. Wink. Wink.

Resources for the Cook

Once your kitchen is ready and pantry is full of what you need, you can start cooking, right? Well, it depends on your skill level. Some of us need more help than others. And relying on experts is nothing to be ashamed of. This article provides links to those who have made a career of cooking for others. They aim to please and they want to help you please your spouse. Read on for tips, advice, recipes, and even ideas for entertaining larger crowds.

How to Cook Basic Recipes

Starting small is the best way to go if the kitchen intimidates you. Learning the basics – from how to properly fry an egg to how to roast a chicken – can put you on the right path. Once you’ve mastered those simpler recipes, you can move on to more complicated dishes. Before you know it, you’ll feel like full-fledged chef, or at least someone who can put a meal on the table for loved ones. Either way, it’s quite a great feeling of satisfaction.

Recipe Exchange

Sharing your recipes is all part of the fun of cooking. It’s also a great way to broaden your cooking skills – not to mention your palette. Try new things and experiment with your spouse, and you’ll find that your date nights at home in your kitchen and dining room are more exciting than the ones in those expensive restaurants.

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