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Household Chores

Decide how to divide and conquer household chores, stay organized, and cook for one another.
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Help for Aspiring Domestic Goddesses
Get help becoming a domestic goddess or god, a desire many a newlywed has had.

Ice Cream Makers
Discover the wonders of some of today's top ice cream makers and start making your own frozen delights now.

How to Cook a Turkey
Learn how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving or any family get together in which you want to impress guests with an unforgettable meal.

How Can We Get Ready and Used to Living Together?
Find out how newlyweds can make a smooth transition when one of you is moving into the other's place after you get married.

To-Do List of Household Chores for Newlyweds
No one likes to clean house, but someone has got to do it. If you don't, you and your spouse could wind up in divorce court -- or worse on one of those get-organized-or-else relaity TV shows like Clean House or Clean Sweep. Getting started on the right foot -- from the first days after your wedding -- could save you from either of those tragedies. Here's a to-do list that could help…

How should we divide our chores?
Find out how to divide the household chores with your husband or wife -- and get your home clean and clutter free.

Do It Yourself Closet Organizers
Learn about do it yourself closet organizers and which one might be right for organizing you and your home. See submissions

10 Cleaning Products to Simplify Newlywed Life
As bachelors and bachelorettes, you may have left cleaning your home on the bottom of your to-do list, something you did if your parents were visiting or you ran out of either clean underwear or dishes. As a married person, you are a grown up, which means living like an adult. Cleaning is now a top priority. Organization can do wonders for your marriage, too. When there is order to your home, you…

Spring Cleaning for Newlyweds
Spring cleaning should be on the top of your to-do list. As a newlywed, you are in the springtime of your relationship, when everything is new and all the flowers are blooming. While your relationship is just beginning to blossom, your home might still need freshening. Spring cleaning is a chance to have your home catch up to your marriage. In other words, spring cleaning will help you create a …

How to Clean Your Refrigerator
Married people often have fully stocked refrigerators. But they don t always get around to eating everything before it expires. Regardless, no one ever seems to have time to clean out the fridge. And each person is afraid to throw away the other s favorites. Put aside your laziness and fear and get to cleaning the refrigerator. Here s how ?

How to Do Laundry
Once you’re married or living with someone – assuming you don’t have a maid or send all your dirty clothes to the cleaners – you’ll have double the laundry. Doing loads of laundry for two can be time consuming and frustrating if the work lands on your shoulders alone. <p> As with all the other household chores, you and your husband or wife have to decide who will do the laundry and dev…

Advice for Newlyweds: Clean Fast to Make Time for Love
Get a great tip on how to quickly clean up, so you will have more time for your family and love.

Aphrodisiacs – A Menu for Love
Discover recipes that feature aphrodisiacs, ingredients thought to ignite sexual desire and prowess in people.

Guide to Cooking with Recipes
Learn how to cook with recipes, even if you have never stepped foot inside your kitchen and have no idea where to begin. The best part? You can learn with your spouse and make cooking a fun time for the two of you.

Recipe Exchange - Share Your Favorite Recipes
Get and share your favorite recipes with other newlyweds and start cooking delicious meals in your home.

Cook Together
Discover the joys of cooking together with your spouse, even if you're both novices in the kitchen.

How to Cook Basic Recipes
Learn how to cook basic recipes and get cooking tips for eggs, pasta, rice, chicken, meat, fish, turkey, vegetables, fruit, and desserts.

Cooking Help for Newlyweds
Eating nuked TV dinners, cereal, or fast food in fine Styrofoam trays might have cut it in your single days. But now that you’re married, dinner should be a time for you and your spouse to reconnect. You should also have even more of a desire to live a healthier lifestyle, so that you can truly grow old together. To make dinners special, you first need to learn how to cook. If you’re…

15-Minute Cleanups for Every Room
Learn how to clean up every room in no more than 15 minutes, so you and your spouse can spend more time doting on one another.

What to Do if You Think Your Spouse is a Slob
If you think your spouse is a slob, then you have to come up with innovative ways to get him or her to work with you on the household chores.

What You'll Need to Clean House
Now that you're married, you'll be sharing the cleaning chores. But first you'll need to find out what you need to keep your new home clean.

Hand Blenders
Learn about hand blenders and which ones are best for making creamy soups, refreshing smoothies, and homogenized baby food.

The Recipe Box
Get links to recipes and cooking advice from About.com's food Experts.

How to Clean House
Discover housekeeping tips from About.com's experts and learn how to clean house and stay sane. Bet you didn't think you could do both.

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