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Pregnancy Advice for Newlyweds


Babies are on the brain of many newlyweds. If you’re among them, this guide, which is chock full of pregnancy advice for newlyweds, will help you go through everything from deciding whether getting pregnant is right for you and your spouse to your baby’s first few days of life:

Deciding to Get Pregnant

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One of the first issues many newlyweds face is deciding whether to get pregnant and have a baby. On the one hand, you might love the idea of creating a family with your new husband or wife. But you want to make sure you’re having a baby for the right reasons. On the other hand, you’re just getting used to being married. Plus, a baby will change your relationship, could influence career choices, and take up a whole lot of your time. What to do? For starters, you must talk to your spouse honestly and openly about your desires and fears to determine what’s right for you as a couple. You must also listen to your spouse’s opinion. Together, you must make these kinds of life-changing decisions.

Getting Pregnant

For most newlyweds, trying to get pregnant is the fun part. Before you start trying to conceive, you should read up on the subject. The Conception Quiz is as entertaining as it is enlightening with information on the amount of folic acid women should take when trying to get pregnant and how to tell when you’re most fertile. There are also tools – from Maybe Mom ovulation prediction to your basal body temperature – that can help you determine when you should have sex to optimize your chance of getting pregnant. If you’re taking a while to get pregnant, don’t worry. It often takes a while even for healthy couples to get pregnant, according to the About.com pregnancy site.


If you’ve been trying to get pregnant more than a year (or after six months if you’re 35 or older), you might want some help with fertility testing. The first thing to do is see your doctor and have him or her recommend a fertility specialist. Then, learn all you can about infertility, its symptoms, and possible treatments. Infertility can be a real blow to some couples, and you’ll need to rely on one another to cope during this difficult, stressful period.


Congratulations! You are pregnant. Now what? Well, moms-to-be first have to reveal the big news about being pregnant to the dad. After that, you moms have to focus on the health of you and your baby – the right kind of diet, taking your vitamins, visiting your ob-gyn regularly, and any problems you might be having – and preparing yourself, your spouse and your home for baby. Much like the days leading up to your wedding, this can be as sweet a time as it is scary. Manage your stress and lean on your spouse for support.

Labor and Delivery

After nine months, your baby will be ready to come out into the world. That’s when the real work starts happening for mom – and much less so dad. The Guide to Labor and Delivery will fill you in on everything from childbirth classes to when you know you’re going into labor to having a C-section. There are even tips on how a partner can participate and help mom get through natural childbirth.

Baby’s First Days

If this is your first child, everything about your baby’s first days will be new and exciting. The first week – from latching on to breastfeed to coming home from the hospital – can be a happy adventure for parents and baby alike. Getting to know your newborn and finding a rhythm when it comes to feeding, sleeping, and diaper changes will be your top priority. Now, life is all about bonding with the baby and making him or her apart of your new family while maintaining a loving, supportive marriage.
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