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Having a Baby

Think about and decide whether having a baby is right for you. If you decide to have a baby, get information on trying to conceive, getting pregnant, infertility, adoption, and parenting.
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Your Baby Stories
Tell us about your babies and how you decided to start your family. Then, read about other family's stories, too.See submissions

When the In-Laws Want to Parent Your Child
Find out what to do when your in-laws want to parent your child against your will.

Romance for New Parents
Get ideas on how you can pump up the romance, even if you are both newlyweds and new parents.

Marriage and Babies - Should Your Spouse Come Before Your Kids?
Find out how people prioritize the most important relationships in their lives when they decide whether their spouse should come before their kids.

Sex after Baby
Learn about what sex after baby is really like, how long you have to wait, and how to bring sexy back.

Before Baby - What Should Newlyweds Do for Themselves Before Baby Arrives?
Tell us what you think newlyweds should accomplish and do for themselves before baby arrives.

Have a Baby
Get a checklist of things your spouse and you might want to do before baby arrives, and two becomes three.

Date Nights for New Parents
Get suggestions on how to spend those precious date nights after you have become a parent and you have a baby craving your attention.

Create a Family and Keep Friends
Find out how to create a family, get along with your in-laws, and keep your friends after you have gotten married.

What Should I Do about My Baby Obsessed Couple Friends?
Get advice on what to do when your couple friends start having babies and leave you and your spouse behind.

Q & A with Complete without Kids Author Ellen Walker
Learn about couples who decide not to have kids, and discover how they find happiness and make their family life complete sans children in a Q&A with Ellen Walker, author of Complete without Kids.

Should Baby Sleep with You?
Find out how much damage sleeping with your baby will do to your marriage, and figure out whether it's the right choice for you.

Making Marriage Work for Your Kids
Find out about how to make your marriage stable, strong, and loving to help your children strive as you parent them and lead them into adulthood.

Labor and Delivery - How to Support Your Wife
Find out how you can best support your wife or girlfriend during labor and delivery, so that the birth of your baby becomes a beautiful family memory.

Wife Loses Herself in Marriage
Find out how one couple saved its marriage despite the fact that the wife, a stay-at-home mom, was losing her identity in the relationship.

Different Parenting Styles Threaten a Marriage
Learn how one couple dealt with their different parenting styles threatening their marriage.

When Your Spouse Thinks Your Baby Was a Mistake
Find out what happened to one couple when the wife was happy to be expecting and becoming a mother and the husband felt the pregnancy was a mistake.

What to Do When Your Spouse Doesn't Back You Up
Learn what happened when a wife didn't back up her husband after their son repeatedly stole from others and how they overcame their differences.

How to Support Your Wife after the Baby

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