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Newlywed Game Questions


Looking for a way to boost the entertainment at your next dinner party with couples in attendance? Well, make each couple a team and play your own version of the popular TV game show for the newly wed. Since you can make your own rules, your couples don't have to actually be newlyweds. They could be married less than a year or 100 years. You don't need a moderator. You just need a list of questions. For the first five questions, you can have a spouse from each couple head to another room while the rest of you write down your answers on card stock (if you're fancy) or scrap paper (if you're not). Then, you can have them return and try to guess your response. You and the other first respondents can head to that other room while your spouses answer the second five questions. Then, when you return, you have to guess their responses. It's easy as pie and a lot of fun to boot. Here are some questions to get you started. Consider these suggestions and try to come up with more of your own.

1. What do you do that annoys your spouse?

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You can anticipate a wide range of answers that include but are not limited to: throwing my underwear on the floor, chewing my nails, and forgetting to take out the trash. Get ready to become even more aware of your spouse's pet peeves. Avoid urge to be mean to him or her. Laugh it off, instead.

2. Where is the wildest place you have made whoopy?

This one is sure to elicit smiles and maybe a few red faces, but it will also be entertaining. And you should have some interesting answers among you. You might learn a thing or two about your friends - and they'll learn about you, too. Wink. Wink. By the way, whoopy does indeed mean sex.

3. Who usually apologizes first after an argument?

A question like this can make the participants get serious. But it doesn't have to. Speak in a playful tone and keep things light without getting into arguments about your arguments. Your answer can be something like, "I apologize first because I just can't stay mad at my stud of a husband." You get the idea.

4. Where was your first kiss with your spouse?

This is a memory test. If you don't have the same answer, one of you is wrong. Be prepared for differing responses, and make a joke of it. Wait until after the game is over to pull out that scrapbook to prove you're right about where you first locked lips.

5. What would your spouse say is your best physical trait?

Get ready for compliments. Even if your spouse and you have different answers, you'll learn just what he or she thinks is so hot about you. And your spouse will probably agree with your response, too. In other words, you are sure to feel pretty great about yourself when this line of questioning is through.

6. What is a surefire way to put your spouse in the mood for whoopy?

While this is another one of those questions that will bring on the red faces, it is also a great way to bring on the laughs. Whether you have matching answers or not, you will probably be rolling on the floor laughing at the ways spouses know their better half is in the mood for love. Even if it is awkward laughing, it will lift the spirits of your guests and you.

7. What is your favorite spot to kiss on your spouse's body?

A sexy question will keep the party moving along. It might also have the added benefit of putting you and your spouse in the mood for that much talked about whoopy when the guests go home.

8. If you were deserted on an island, what three things would your spouse want?

A more advanced question, this one requires a bit more thought than the others. It's harder to match all three things with your spouse's responses. But it's not impossible. Given the philosophical nature of the question and the improbability of ever being on a deserted island, it also creates interesting conversation.

9. If you had to take one of your in-laws on vacation, who would it be?

In-laws are often a big influence on a couple's relationship. This question gets people to address in-laws, while focusing on the positive. Obviously, you or your spouse will answer this question with the name of the favorite in-law. It puts a positive spin on a subject that can be complicated or controversial.

10. What is your spouse's nickname for you?

Every couple has its loving little nicknames for one another. No one wants to be that couple cooing to each other and referring to one another as Pooh Bear and Chi Chi in public, but in private everyone does it. C'mon, you know you do it, too. That's why this is a great question. It forces you to open up and will probably get a hearty laugh out of your friends.
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