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Activities for Getting to Know Your Spouse Better


You might think you know your spouse very well, but newlyweds are full of surprises. Perhaps, you’ve already discovered things you never knew about your love and about yourself. The early days of marriage are the ideal time to get to know each other better. Here are some activities that can help you get started:

Twenty Questions

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Ask each other questions from the silly to the serious about anything and everything that is on your mind. Promise to tell each other honest answers – and mean it. Questions such as, “Do you believe in God?” and “If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?” are fair game.

Truth or Dare

Anyone who has ever gone to high school knows how to play this one. You either ask for truth or dare. If you take truth, you must honestly answer an intimate question. If you take dare, you have to do what the other person asks of you. This game can be as sexy as you’d like when you’re playing with your spouse. Again, your honesty and inhibition is of the utmost importance.

Board Games

Playing games such as Scattegories, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit might not give you direct answers about your partner like the ones you might get from “Twenty Questions” or “Truth or Dare”. But you can see what kind of competitor your spouse is and how he or she reacts to winning and losing. This can tell you a lot about him or her. It also gives you a way to wind down and kick back together.

Show and Tell

You each show each other your three most treasured possessions. Explain why each item is important. Ask each other questions about them and get to understand your spouse’s priorities and, perhaps, sentimentality.

Pray Together

Spiritual couples will find comfort and see their spouse’s faith in action when they pray together. Hold hands and recite your prayer out loud. This activity might be even more beneficial for those who have a different religion from their spouse. This way they are also getting exposure to different religious beliefs. You could also go to each other’s houses of worship. Believers will find that this activity will bring them closer together, especially in difficult times.

Go to a Marriage Workshop

Many marriage counselors and therapists offer workshops – some of them last a weekend – where they help married people communicate better, become more intimate, and work on any issues they may be having. An example would be Engaging Discussions, which offers events around the country for couples looking to reconnect with one another and get their marriage started off on the right foot. Some people give tickets to these events as wedding gifts. They can be beneficial to couples who want to be proactive in preventing divorce and dealing with things about their relationship that might be bothering them.
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