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7 Resolutions for Newlyweds


The new year is just around the corner, and you and your spouse want it to be your best ever. After all, you are newlyweds, who hope your relationship will continue to improve and grow into a strong and everlasting marriage. Taking on the right resolutions – and sticking with them – can help you kick off the year and your marriage right. Here are some resolutions newlyweds should consider:


1. Don’t Fight over Silly Things

This trap is easy to fall into. Maybe your cranky boss picked on you all day, and then your spouse was late in taking out the trash. Next thing you know, you bite off your partner’s head for his or her mistake and World War III erupts in your living room. It happens to the best of married couples. You’re most comfortable with your partner, so you naturally take out your aggression and pent up anger on him or her. Instead, you should control your temper and pick your battles. The garbage can go out later. It won’t kill anyone, and you’d have much more fun forgetting about your bad day at work in your partner’s arms than having a shouting match.

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2. Have the Baby Talk

Is this going to be the year when you decide to become parents? You’ll have to talk it out to decide if you and your relationship are ready to raise a child. Making this major discussion a priority at the start of the new year can help partners – especially those with differing viewpoints on the subject – come to a decision. Whatever you decide, you’ll have to do it together, and you both need to be certain that you made the right choice. Otherwise, one person will also be resentful of the other’s desire.

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3. Make Time for Each Other

Your career is no longer the only job you have. Now, you must also work at being a good spouse. That means making time for your partner and doing more things together. From taking a pottery class to simply having more meals together, you can come up with lots of ways to stay connected. The new year is a great time to see if you can set aside time and money to take a vacation, even if it’s just a weekend getaway. The point is that you should make time for your spouse and continue to get to know one another better.

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4. Be a Better In-Law

Getting along well with your partner’s family is an important part of your relationship. That isn’t always easy. After all, you have your own family, culture, traditions, and values – and they sometimes clash with those of your spouse. But you can extend the olive branch in the new year, and take steps to make the bond between you and your in-laws stronger. After all, you share a love for your spouse, and they brought your spouse into the world. That definitely counts for something. You and your spouse can help each other fit in better with the in-laws, which should go a long way to improving your relationship.

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5. Save More Money

Money fights have gripped many a marriage since what seems like the beginning of time. One thing that always helps is keeping your finances in check. That's why anything you can do to save more money (so you have it if you need it or don't have to drown in debt) can help your marriage. Granted, you still may argue if you're a spender and hubby is a saver. But wouldn't you rather have the problem of whether to spend the extra money you have in the bank than how you're going to pay for things you need with money you don't have?

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6. Have More Sex

Do you really need an explanation for this? Sex makes you feel good. It enhances intimacy in your marriage. It relieves stress. And some experts have even suggested it's good for your health. Enough said.

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7. Dream Together

You're not just lovers. You and your spouse are building a life together. You have created your own family. This means that you need to create a vision for the kind of tomorrow you want to have together. Part of this means deciding whether to have children. But it also means thinking about wild vacations you want to take together, businesses you'd like to try, places you'd like to live, what you'd like retirement to look like. Sharing these fantasies - whether they have a chance at becoming reality or not - is a great way to grow closer to one another.

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