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Gross Habits of Couples


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Some couples are attached at the hip. Even those who are aren't sometimes develop gross habits, such as sharing toothbrushes, that seem unsanitary at best and downright crazy at worst. Outside observers of the couple can't believe their eyes. But just how dangerous are these gross habits? Well, it's hard to say whether you'll catch some awful disease from sharing your toothbrush, but I can almost guarantee anyone who finds out about this will shout, "Ewww!" These people will probably think less of you, too. So, if you're not sure if you're perpetrating any of these outrageously gross habits, read on and find out if you're putting your life at risk or just embarrassing yourselves:

Sharing Your Toothbrush

Some couples, especially once they are living together, choose to use the same toothbrush. They assume that kissing each other and exchanging saliva makes it all right to use the same brush to clean their teeth. Here's what the Centers for Disease Control have to say about toothbrushes: "In removing plaque and other soft debris from the teeth, toothbrushes become contaminated with bacteria, blood, saliva, oral debris, and toothpaste. Because of this contamination, a common recommendation is to rinse one's toothbrush thoroughly with tap water following brushing. Limited research has suggested that even after being rinsed visibly clean, toothbrushes can remain contaminated with potentially pathogenic organisms." The CDC also points out, however, that there's no proof that brushing with a contaminated toothbrush has led to infection or anything like that. In other words, the thought of sharing all that stuff, including bacteria, blood, and debris, is utterly disgusting, but it probably won't kill you. As a recent post about this on the Glamour Web site suggests, sharing a towel, especially if you have acne, might be worse than sharing a toothbrush.

Sex in Public

What could be healthier than hugging and kissing your spouse, right? That's fine and well in the privacy of your own home, but you risk stepping over the line if you start making out in public. A hug and a kiss is not a problem. But if you start grabbing or touching one another or removing any clothes, you risk hearing shouts of, "Get a room," or, worse, getting arrested for public nudity, etc. Of course, there are couples who enjoy sex in public, and find discreet places, such as a dark corner of the park or beach or a bathroom stall. Sex in these places is pretty gross.Some of these places are not properly cleaned, and your naked body, including genitals, might be exposed to dirty surfaces. If you think about it, you will probably kill the mood.

If you can't be swayed and still go ahead with having sex in public, you might not have to worry much about sickness or infection. When a couple was caught having sex in a bathroom stall at Yankees Stadium, the gothamist Web site, reported the following: "As for the health risks, Dr. Philip Tierno, director of clinical microbiology and diagnostic immunology at NYU Medical Center and Mount Sinai Medical Center, told Everyday Health that while germs can live on toilet seats, "The bulk of the organisms found are basically fecal-borne bacteria," like "E. coli (which can cause bloody diarrhea or abdominal cramps), streptococcus (the bug behind strep throat), or S. aureus (linked to serious skin problems or pneumonia)." The site also shared this from Everyday Health: "But just because they're on the seat doesn't mean they'll make you sick. That's because your skin acts as a very effective barrier to keep germs out (unless you have an open wound or lesion on your behind)."

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