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Getting Along

Learn how to fight fairly, live together, go through marriage counseling, and determine shared values.
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Marriage Rituals of Real Couples
Find out about the marriage rituals that have brought real couples closer together.

What You Wish You Knew about Marriage
Find out what married people wish they had known about marriage before they tied the knot.

Are You Bored with Your Spouse?
Find out if the trouble you are having with your husband or wife is a result of boredom or something deeper.

How to Soothe Your Spouse
Discover ways to soothe your spouse when he or she is feeling down or facing difficult challenges.

How to Avoid Taking Your Spouse for Granted
Discover how to avoid taking your spouse for granted, which will strengthen your marriage.

Marriage Myths Busted
Discover marriage myths that you probably believe to be true but are actually completely false - and get new perspective on your own relationship.

5 Ways to Kill a Marriage
Discover the five ways to kill a marriage, so that you don't end up unintentionally murdering your relationship.

Videos for a Happy Marriage
Watch these videos for help in creating a happy marriage that will last a lifetime.

Should You Come Up with a Unique Last Name?
Consider whether you and your spouse should come up with a new last name that fits both of you after you marry.

Couples in Business Together
Find out whether you have what it takes to work with your husband or wife at home and on the job, and get advice from couples who are running businesses together.

Newlywed Game Questions
Use these questions to play a newlywed game at home with other couples.

20 Signs the Honeymoon Is Over
This humorous list of signs that the honeymoon is over will have you laughing out loud, but getting into a marriage rut is no laughing matter. Be sure to spice things up if you see that too many of these items ring true for you and your spouse.

Humor - Signs the Honeymoon Is Over
Share the moment you knew the honeymoon was over, and the two of you were a typical married couple replete with expected routine.

Living Together - Should You Live Together Before Getting Married?
Find out what people are saying about living together before you get married and share your opinions about living together, too.

Gross Habits of Couples
Find out about the gross habits, including sharing toothbrushes, that some couples have and how dangerous or unhealthy they really are.

10 Signs Your Husband Can't Live without You
Get a laugh when reading this list of signs that your husband can't live without you. Trust me, every man exhibits at least one of these traits.

How Do You Know Your Husband Can't Live without You?
Tell us how you know that your husband can't live without you.

How to Make Time for Sex
Get advice on how to make time for sex even if you are the busiest person on the planet.

Back to School Survival Guide for Newlyweds
Going back to school to complete an unfinished college diploma or to earn a masters degree is an option for some newlyweds. Besides the obvious sacrifice of money (tuition can cost upward of $50,000 per year at some universities), the couple must make certain compromises while one of them returns to school. Here is how you can cope if your husband or wife is returning to colleg

Should You Spend the Holidays Apart?
Find out whether you and your spouse should spend the holidays apart or if that could damage your marriage.

How to Keep Love and Passion Alive in Your Marriage
The cornerstone of a good marriage is love. And sex is one of the ways you express the love you have for your spouse. You need both love and good sex to keep your marriage strong. That's why it's important to discover how to maintain love and romance in your relationship, and what you can do to continuously improve sex for you and your spouse.

Create a Family and Keep Friends
Find out how to create a family, get along with your in-laws, and keep your friends after you have gotten married.

10 Ways to Save Your Marriage
Find out how people are ruining their relationships and discover solutions on how to save your marriage.

How to Reach Forgiveness
Learn how to reach forgiveness, whether you are holding resentment for your husband, wife, in-law, family member, or close friend.

Advice from Here Come the Newlyweds Host Pat Bullard
Get marriage advice for newlyweds from Here Come the Newlyweds Host Pat Bullard.

How to Overcome Arguments in Marriage
Get relationship advice on how to overcome arguments in your marriage and reach resolutions and compromises whatever the conflict.

Do You Have a Jealousy Problem?
Determine if your marriage is suffering because of your spouse's or your jealousy.

Should You Ever Lie to Your Spouse?
Find out if it is ever all right to lie to your husband or wife, and discover when lies might actually help your marriage.

How to Have a Happy Marriage
Discover the skills you can develop to help insure a happy marriage is yours now and forever.

Are You Headed for Divorce?
Answer questions to determine whether you and your spouse are at risk for divorce and learn about the situations you should be avoiding to protect your marriage.

Spring Cleaning Your Relationship
Find out how you can conduct a thorough spring cleaning on your relationship to keep your marriage strong and enduring.

The First Year of Marriage
Get advice on how to get through that first year of marriage and come out a stronger, wiser, and more loving couple.

Are Your Workaholic Tendencies Ruining Your Marriage?
Discover how working all the time can break up a family and destroy your marriage.

10 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Husband

5 Reasons to Stay Faithful

How to Put the Romance in Every Getaway
Learn how to make every vacation romantic, so you're always on your honeymoon.

How to Train Your Husband
Learn how to train your husband, reduce your stress, and maybe even have more sex.

What Men Want In a Wife
Discover the traits men are looking for in a wife.

How You're Ruining Love and Marriage
The Newlyweds Expert waxes philosophical about how our views on love are ruining marriage.

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