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25 Signs Your Husband Is in a Bromance


Wives, you might be sharing the spotlight in your marriage with another man, your husband’s other love with whom he shares a bromance. Used to define a relationship between two heterosexual men who care and nurture one another much like girlfriends would, bromances have been trendy since the 1990s. Bromances have become commonplace in Hollywood. Think Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, and Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn to name a few. Here are 25 signs that your husband is involved in a bromance -

1. They have long conversations.

Cellphone Conversation
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He sometimes talks on the phone with his best guy friend for hours, making you wonder if he is actually a teenage girl.

2. They date each other.

They go on dates that range from a baseball game to dinner.

3. They have sleepovers.

Your husband often invites his best guy friend – much to your chagrin – to crash at your place. It’s nothing to them because they once lived together – and probably dream of doing so.

4. They hold video game tournaments and the like.

You find yourself humming the tune to Sony Playstation’s Crash because of the many games you’ve watched your husband play with his best man. Or you find yourself dusting Star Wars collectibles. Or you are all alone on golf day. You get the drift.

5. They cry for each other.

Your husband’s best guy friend cried at your wedding – and they weren’t tears of joy. Perhaps, the guy friend has even shown hints of jealousy about your relationship.

6. They can be bad.

They get into mischief together, which is why you set lots of rules for the bachelor party your husband’s best man organized.

7. They get each other nice gifts.

Thoughtful gifts and getaways – from fishing trips to the Baseball Hall of Fame – are par for the course for your husband and his best guy friend.

8. They're there for each other.

In good times and in bad, your husband and his best friend have each other's backs. For instance, your husband is the designated driver whenever his best guy pal has a fight or breaks up with his girlfriend and blows off steam at the bar. When your husband storms off after you’ve been in a fight, you’re certain to find him with this guy pal.

9. They know of each other's most embarrassing moments.

No one but you and your husband’s best guy friend know about the time your husband peed his pants or the fact that your husband is afraid of butterflies. You’re also the only ones who know that your husband tells people his favorite movie of all time is Die Hard but in reality it is You’ve Got Mail.

10. They confide in one another.

When your husband decided that you were the one, his best guy friend was the first to know.
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