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Newlyweds have to get used to the fact that they marry their spouse and his or her family and friends. Navigating relationships with in-laws, your family of origin, new friends, and old friends takes practice and patience. With a few simple tips, you can learn how to manage your time and expectations - and still have fulfilling relationships.
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How to Find a Spouse
Get advice, based on the typical experiences of newlyweds, on how to find a spouse.

How to Be a Great Host to House Guests
The days of hosting house guests on the floor of your dorm room with nothing more than a sleeping bag and a promise to stay under the covers until noon are over. Youre married now, and you must prepare to treat your house guests with open arms, a dash of respect, and a bundle of love. Whether the in-laws are coming for the holidays or your best girlfriend from college is coming for a visit, wi

Newlywed Game Questions
Use these questions to play a newlywed game at home with other couples.

How to Reach Forgiveness
Learn how to reach forgiveness, whether you are holding resentment for your husband, wife, in-law, family member, or close friend.

Mother's Day for Your Wife
Get suggestions on how to celebrate Mother's Day with your wife.

How to Decide Where to Go for the Holidays
Handling the holidays -- which side of the family to visit and when -- can be a difficult task for newlyweds. Knowing your options can save everyone from hurt feelings -- and make for a happier holiday season.

Create a Family and Keep Friends
Find out how to create a family, get along with your in-laws, and keep your friends after you have gotten married.

Spending Too Much Time with the In-Laws?
Find out how to set boundaries and negotiate the amount of time you spend with the in-laws without arguing with your husband or wife or your in-laws.

Double Dates
Get ideas on what you and your couples friends can do when you go on double dates.

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