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5 Great Beds for Couples

Find the One That's Right for You


The bedroom is perhaps the most important room in the home of newlyweds. As every celebrity on MTV's Cribs will tell you, "This is where the magic happens." Your bedroom -- and, more specifically, the bed you choose will help set the standard for your sex life. Many newlyweds re-connect at the end of the day -- both mentally and physically -- in bed. That's why you need to pick the bed that's right for you and your husband or wife. Here are five great options, broken down by the type of couple you are:

1. Bed for the Urban Chic Couple

Couple using digital tablet in bedroom
Astronaut Images/Caiaimage/Getty Images
A bed with storage, such as the South Shore Furniture Copley Platform Bed with two storage drawers, is the perfect option for couples who live in the city or in a small house or apartment, where you need to maximize space. Using lively colors and bold graphics on your sheets and bedding will hide the simplicity of most beds with storage. And you will be able to keep extra blankets or your clothes in the drawers.
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2. Bed for the Romantic Couple

St. Raphael Canopy Bed - Pricegrabber
No bed screams romance quite like one with a canopy, such as the St. Raphael Canopy Bed. There's something about getting cozy under a tented bed that puts love in the air. Couples that want to feel like they live in a fairy tale should pick a canopy bed, keep fresh flowers on their nightstand, and wear flowy, frilly lingerie to bed.
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3. Bed for Those with Sophisticated Country Style

Sleigh Bed - Pricegrabber
Some couples might think that you'd need to get an unfinished pine bed or something with wear and tear to get the country look in your bedroom. But for a more sophisticated, unique take on country style, you can opt for a sleigh bed. There's an air of whimsy when you put a sleigh bed in our bedroom. And it still provides the country look that you might be seeking in your home.
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4. Bed for Those with European Flair

American Drew Bed - Pricegrabber
If you'd like your bedroom to look Old World, then you should consider a bed with a wooden frame such as the one pictured here. You could also try something with an iron design with lots of decorative details. This kind of bed makes you feel like you're living in the laid-back, work-to-live countryside in France or Italy. If nothing else, you'll feel less stressed because you'll feel transported to another place and time, which will make you more open to romance.
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5. Bed for the Modern Zen Couple

LifeStyle Solutions Knotch Platform Bed - Pricegrabber
Modern style is marked by clean lines and uncomplicated design. A platform bed offers modern appeal and also fits well into homes with Asian design. The two styles mesh well together, which is why a platform bed can work in many different kinds of homes. If you are the type of couple that keeps the table tops clutter free and likes symmetry in your design, you should consider a platform bed. They're low to the ground and provide a pleasing aesthetic.
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