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JCPenney Shopping Profile and Review


JCPenney Pots and Pans - JCPenney

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JCPenney is a store with wide reach and a little bit of everything - from jewelry to furniture. It boasts an expansive collection of proprietary (cooks, Linden Street, Studio, etc.) and national brands (Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, etc.), and shoppers can purchase these items in one of the more than 1,000 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico, online at jcp.com, or from a catalog. Traditional style and old-fashioned sensibilities carry the JCPenney brand.

Store Review:

Considering that JCPenney offers many private brands on its home products, you would think that its prices would be lower. For what it offers, the prices are high. Still, every so often you can find a bargain, and you do get variety. As a department store, JCPenney carries everything from clothing to china. It's one of the few stores with locations across the United States where you can find traditional styles and colors in furniture, bedding, dishes, etc. Being able to find your living room furniture and your kitchen appliances with one-stop shopping is convenient for newlyweds.

Wedding Registry:

Besides all the housewares, JCPenney sells jewelry and salon services to any interested customer, and offers special discounts for customers of David's Bridal who register for wedding gifts at JCPenney. Registered couples also get a free engagement portrait. Newlyweds get 10 percent off most of the registry items they have not received for a year after the wedding.

Best Shopping Finds:

There are some lovely kitchen pantries at reasonable prices. Although pricier than some stores, you can find beautiful rugs, especially for a living room or bedroom. There are also some nice dining sets that feature intricate wood details, but JCPenney sets often include hutches as opposed to large china cabinets. You can pick up (or register) for luggage for the honeymoon at JCPenney, too. Still, many of the items are for those going for a country look, and the products might not appeal to couples with modern tastes.

Ideal Shopper:

Those who are looking for traditional style -- from dark wood furniture to country chic kitchen hutches -- should head to JCPenney for their home needs. This is the perfect store for couples who are looking for old-fashioned looks with a modern twist. But the prices will be more than you would expect.


In 1902, James Cash Penney opened The Golden Rule, a dry goods and clothing store, in Kemmerer, Wyo. By 1922, the company had launched its first private brand, which today accounts for 50 percent of its business. In 1951, store sales exceeded $1 billion for the first time. JCPenney released its first catalog in 1963, and by 1979 the catalog sales passed the $1 billion mark for the first time. Founder James Cash Penney passed away in 1971 at the age of 95. The online store opened in 1998, and in 2009, JCPenney opened 17 more stores, including its first in Manhattan, according to the Web site.

Store Promise:

"JCPenney is a convenient and affordable registry choice for couples and their guests," writes Kate Parkhouse, JCPenney spokesperson. "Along with a compelling and affordable selection of items for the registry, JCPenney is a destination for a variety of merchandise for wedding needs such as luggage and apparel for the honeymoon, lingerie, gifts, party favors, and more."
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